Personal Recovery And Unity

For me recovery is a journey not a destination. Early in recovery I thought I had nothing to offer but as time went on I discovered I had everything to offer. It isn’t about money, fame or any big recognition but about journeying with others. I found and still find today that the more I give the more I have to give. Giving in recovery is not about the material things but the immaterial.. The gift of recovery is becoming a part of something bigger. I have found that traveling with someone is better than trying to ‘drive them forward’ Walking with someone is better than ‘following them’ If I tell someone how to get their recovery I take away their ability to see it in me. If I follow someone I lose the ability to stay focused. On the other hand, when I walk with them I have found many things to be true:
  1. When I am struggling someone is there to help hold me up.
  2. When someone else is struggling I am there to help hold them up.
  3. When I walk with someone I can not claim superiority as can happen if my ego takes hold and I become too prideful of what I have done.
There are more things but these rank as the ones that stick with me at the core.
In my addiction many things were falsely believed. I saw the fantasy of wealth, fame and all the wonderful things in life.
In my recovery I have found far greater things than ever imagined. I have found friends that are (hopefully) true. I have traveled (through Zoom) to many places without a passport or large sums of money. I have found peace in the journey rather than longing for the destination.