Humble Recovery.




In Recovery it is often a problem that our pride and self importance get’s in the way of our growth.  In recent years I have been focusing on my mortality and what that means.  Does it mean I go looking to make my mark on the world, try to ‘save’ others, tell people how to gain their recovery or is it about focusing on my recovery and being a living example.

Long ago I was told that any good lesson is one that the teacher learns as much as the student.  What the person meant was that If ever anyone started teaching me my recovery don’t listen to them unless they were also listening to you. He further elaborated and said that a true recovery ‘checks their ego, pride and self righteousness at the door’.  It was made clear to me though that I also had to understand that rules were there for a reason and that if someone set them I needed to follow them as long as they didn’t contradict recovery.

The bottom line I got from this person is that if I was humble the only time I would get into serious trouble is when someone with an ego was in control.  It was noted that it had best not be my own or it would be bad for me especially if the other person was also in their ego state.