Returning From Hibernation! Recovery Insights.



I recently read something that really put my mind into over drive.  To start this I want to let people know that while the blog has been quiet for a while it is about to be active again. Now to the discussion.


What is the difference between a theory and a practice that is proven?

A theory is yet to be tested in many cases but can become a proven practice. A proven practice is simply a theory proven.


Now to the question of what works for recovery.  While some would say Gamblers Anonymous is the only way, they miss the point that it is more than simply a name. It is a set of principles and actionable steps to treat the disease of addiction.  Those very principles and actionable steps are written differently but are still the foundation of several programs. Just as  Gamblers Anonymous received it’s foundation from AA and other programs that came before, so did programs like Celebrate Recovery, Recovery Anonymous, Recovery Unanimous and other programs. The main difference is how these programs approach attracting people to them.


For me the way Gamblers Anonymous lays it out works but I have known people who have success with these other programs.  So remember that focusing on my recovery doesn’t mean tearing down someone else’s recovery through a different program.  If that program doesn’t work for them they can come to the one I am in. If the one I am in doesn’t work for them then maybe one of the other ones will. It is not my place to judge how someone else does their recovery but only to work my recovery and respect them for theirs.

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