Don’t Do Recovery Alone!


We can’t beat the disease of Compulsive Gambling alone no matter how much we think we can. People can have a lot of ‘Abstinence’ but not a day of Recovery! Don’t be someone with Abstinence because they have transferred their high to being recovery powerhouses who think they are better than others. Someone who can give advice but only to get a ‘fix’ they are not even aware of because it feels good. Recovery is something that is constant learning from others regardless of how long but not of how humble.

Encouragement in recovery involves being part of a family so consider these options.  For those who are a part of these groups, I encourage you to share on the page that this is posted on or on the blog itself your experience. If you are reading this on Facebook commenting there will not be something seen outside of the group you are commenting on. Only if you comment on the blog itself will you be posting publicly.

This weekend consider the places you can get help. If you are on Facebook consider checking into some groups. Below are some suggestions. Below the brief description is the description for the group as listed on Facebook.  they are all connected and in some cases it is best to be a part of the main group as well as the subgroup listed. Some can only be accessed if you are part of the main group and others are open to all interested. They are closed groups and you are protected from having outside people read what is there so if privacy is needed in recovery these offer it.

Compulsive Gambling Recovery Help Connect This group is for people who are looking for a safe place to work recovery (no matter where you are in the world). It has meetings, Reading resources, video,photo and more forms of resources. This is only scratching the surface of what is there.

Facebook Description:


This Group is for those seeking Recovery from Compulsive Gambling. We screen using specific Questions and may reach out to people requesting membership.

The group provides several things for members
1. Free resources.
2. Virtual meetings 24/7 365 days a year.
3. Sub groups for special situations such as fighting strong Urges, a study group for detoxing and a group for support people
Being a member of another Support group does not automatically get you approved it is very important to answer all questions and respond to any inquiry from an administrator.

So if you are looking for resources for your recovery from Compulsive Gambling (or someone dealing with one), this is a place to find that.

The group was started on December 29, 2017 for the purpose of providing a safe place to work on recovery for people around the world! If you are looking for such a place make a request!



TUG (Tough Urge Guard) This group is a subgroup of the Compulsive Gambling Help Connect Group and is focused on resources and connections to help those who have strong Urges and high relapse concerns. The resources here are specific to those needs.

Facebook Description:

This is a subgroup of Compulsive Gambling Recovery Connect. It is for those who are in a fight with their addiction and want to be able to Have a specific place to go when they get Tough Urges. Thus Tough Urge Guard! You can come back as often as you need but if you leave you will have to answer the questions again to be admitted back in.



30 Day Detox Work Group This is a subgroup of the parent group Compulsive Gambling Recovery Help Connect focused on working through a book that helps change the thinking of an addict mind and detox the thought process.

Facebook Description:

This is a group for working the 30 Day Detox and hopefully encouraging recovery. Inspired by people asking for it!
You must be approved for the parent Group to be admitted here.



Recovery For Loved Ones Of Compulsive Gamblers A fairly new group for those affected by a Compulsive Gambler that are trying to learn about the addiction.  Here you will find people who are in recovery as a person who is part of the circle around the Compulsive Gambler who are looking to help them.

Facebook Description:

This is a place for the loved ones of Compulsive Gamblers to find support and solace as they work to understand this disease. If you are with someone and can’t find safety in talking with them or simply struggle to decide how to handle a situation this is the place for you.



GROW: Gambling Recovery Of Women This is a place for Female Compulsive Gamblers with specific areas of recovery that are gender specific.  It is again a subgroup but also an independent group of Compulsive Gambling Recovery Help Connect.

Facebook Description:

This group is the “She Shed” and sister Group of Compulsive Gambling Recovery Help Connect. It is a place for ladies to meet and have a place just for them and issues that are best discussed in the company of other women without the men around.

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