Behind The Schedule!


As fate would have it I missed Posting yesterday’s encouragement which set me off my schedule. When I was in my addiction I would have been so upset about that but now I find comfort in it. It reminds me that I still have work to do. Recovery is for life.  Remember that it gets better despite setbacks.


Yesterday June 29, 2018 (Friday)

Recovery isn’t about remembering everything bad or never making another mistake. It’s about the moment. Remember to look at the moment as a blessing for right now!

Saturday June 30, 2018

Remember that even when things don’t go as planned they are going as necessary to learn about the moment you are in.

Sunday July 1, 2018

Recovery is starting with the moment you are in and working to the moment you are in. Remember that being in this moment is all that matters in the moment.


So Exhausted I Forgot To Write?


Sometimes we forget because we have so many things going on but at least we are not Gambling! Today I went to write and found my mind wandering and worrying.  Not that long ago I was given a Cancer Scare then this week my wife has begun one of her own. I found myself more worried about her than I was about me. Then again it may have been selfish because I want to go first.  Recovery can be like that too.


Wednesday June 27, 2018

If we get focused on the past we can’t remain focused on the step we are taking and if we look at the future and what might be we miss what is. Remembering that even when we fail we can focus on the moment we are in that signifies we haven’t given up!


Thursday June 27, 2018

Relapse is forgetting the outcome and only seeing the past we want to see. Recovery is seeing the disaster of the past and saying not right now.  I am not going to do it in this moment and then we can’t get ahead of ourselves or look back too much.  Be present in your recovery even in relapse because it is temporary if you want it to be.

Hope And Today


Too often we forget the moment we are in and focus on Yesterday’s failure or tomorrow’s unknown. Recovery is excitement for the moment. Memories of yesterday are only for focusing us today and tomorrow is what we hope for while remaining focused on this moment.

Monday June 25, 2018

Today is all that we have at the moment and we should take it as our moment to shine with the joy of recovery.


Tuesday June 26, 2018

Hope today is because our recovery starts fresh each day and we should treat it as if we were born into today because we were ‘born yesterday’,  Today is the best today we have.

Misconceptions and Misunderstanding


Not too long ago I received news that I immediately saw as bad and didn’t wait for the follow up before deciding it was bad.  Some of you know that it was a shadow on my lung that medical professionals wanted to look at closer. I immediately assumed the worst as I have had family members who have had cancer and 2 of whom died of it. But upon further testing it was not there.  Sometimes we get that way with life and things we expect. It can have us drawing conclusions that are premature or simply incorrect.


Friday June 22, 2018

Misconceptions are when we take something that is said or done the wrong way. It may be the person delivering the message or how they deliver it. To avoid this consider listening closer and asking questions to clarify. It isn’t in what is said that the problem lies often it is in how someone takes it. Remember that in recovery our emotions tend to guide our understanding and sometimes we let them define our decisions. Respect is a 2 way street but sometimes it needs to be worked on. Remember to take turns in listening.

Saturday June 23, 2018

Misunderstanding is similar to the idea of misconceptions but it differs in one way. Often when we have a misconception we end up misunderstanding. Remember that we all speak different languages even if it is the same language on the surface. In my case people all talk English but because of where they are from, their educational background and life experiences that language has a different meaning.  It goes deeper than the simple example of some using the word Soda and others calling it Pop ( there are other names used for this too IE Cola etc).  It all means the same to some but others have confusion because they see it different.  Remember to clarify with people before getting upset.


Sunday June 24, 2018

While I am looked up to by many, there are others who look down on me. I can only be me and that is important to remember. Don’t let the assumptions and opinions of others define you or drive you away. It only hurts you more than it helps.

Action or Reaction!


Do you react to others or are you taking action to contend with yourself before reacting? Recovery is when we need to act to protect ourselves rather than react to people and situations. Taking action to be clean in this moment rather than Reacting when caught.


Wednesday June 20, 2018

This post is late for the second time in recent days due to forgetfulness but rather than beat myself up over it I go forward to get it written. Realizing that it is okay to be forgetful at times or have something interfere with actions as long as it gets done.

Remember that recovery is taking action to remain clean and not reacting to a situation by gambling.


Thursday June 21, 2018

Recovery is about being proactive rather than reactive . Don’t wait for a problem to happen but look for ways to deal with it before it happens.


Growing In Recovery!


It was December 29, 2017 and I felt I had to expand my horizons beyond where I was. So cam the idea of starting a small group to help a few people.  I figured I’d start with 20 people I already knew and from past experiences the group might, if everything worked out be at 75 or 100 by the end of the year. I am humbled by the growth which is fast approaching 400 (4 times expectations).  Now I am growing beyond what I thought recovery could be and seeing the world from my laptop!  Some readers will know what I’m talking about and others will wonder what I’m saying.


Monday June 18, 2018

Recovery is not about tomorrow but rather about right now. If you put your energy into this moment it will be something more! Remember ‘grow beyond I can’t to I am at this moment’.


Tuesday June 19, 2018

If you want to find recovery you simply have to look in the mirror. Remember to look past your addict to your true self!


A Very Late But Maybe Timely Message!


I have been exhausted lately and as a result I forgot the weekend encouragement. I guess it can be blamed on Father’s Day Weekend.  SO while Friday is missed this week I will write for the weekend.

Friday June 15 And Saturday June 16, 2018!

Sometimes we need to consider the future so that it is secured but not considering it over today, I have experienced several ‘wake up’ calls lately  that have me thinking about the continuation of what as been started even after my days have passed. It may seem morbid but consider this.  The goal of recovery is to ‘share the message with those who still suffer’ that doesn’t end when life ends. If your message or something you do has made a difference it should be carried on by the next generation.  Hope springs eternal in recovery.  Remember that what you do in this moment may have profound affects on someone long after you have gone. Today matters because tomorrow someone could be saved as a result.

Sunday June 17, 2018

Your hope today is the gift to someone tomorrow! A simple word of encouragement,  a smile or simply being there could be the moment someone sees a future they never knew was possible.  Remember that you matter and are significant even in the small things.