Late! Heating Up Recovery!


The encourager was encouraged last night. I have been told that I am a gift to many but really we are all gifts to others.  While I was intending to write yesterdays encouragement message on Monday night I fell short. We sometimes miss something that we planned to do and then think maybe it’s too late. The truth is that it is only too late if we never do it!

Tuesday May 29, 2018

Better late than never. I didn’t get this post done until today (Wednesday) but the message still has value.  REMEMBER that recovery is always on time even if you started later than you had planned.

Wednesday May 30, 2018

Meetings make it! We here this so often but never think about what makes a meeting? If 2 people meet to talk about recovery then it’s a meeting! Remember to take advantage of the support that happens spontaneously and those that are planned. both are a blessing if we let them be!


Thursday May 31, 2018


Recovery is as much about forgiving ourselves as it is about forgiving others. If we can’t forgive ourselves then forgiving others may not mean as much. It all begins with your own self care. Nothing else will work if you still let the pain eat you up!


A Long weekend And Recovery!


When Long weekends come that is when you are challenged most with recovery but it is also when you can achieve the most in recovery. Don’t let the urge get you away from the opportunity to spend more time with those who love you most!

Friday May 25, 2018

Recovery is knowing you are not alone. Remember that you have a community of recovery to reach out to.  Don’t fight alone!

Saturday May 26, 2018

Recovery is rebirth! All that has been lost because of your addiction should be channeled into your recovery and what you are getting back! Dignity, Self Respect, And a large family of recovery around the world!

Sunday May 27,

Recovery is the salvation found when addiction is fought instead of allowed to fester. Recovery is gaining sanity, life and freedom even when it feels like insanity, death and prison!

Monday May 28, 2018

Recovery means seeking help in community! Consider finding it with a group rather than at the ‘dealers’ home!


Facebook has a place for you! Consider joining the group listed as Compulsive Gambling Help Connect! It has resources, community and opportunities for virtual meetings with people from around the world!

The Recovery Nap!


Working recovery is sometimes as exhausting as hiding our addiction! But it is far more rewarding. As I write this I have created 3 days of posts totaling 38 + posts. ( I still have 4 more to write). In writing them I am reminded of all the work necessary to get recovery starting with becoming honest with ourselves and continuing for the rest of our lives.


Wednesday May 23, 2018

Are you looking at what you are doing, what you have done or what you have yet to do?  remember that what you are doing is what matters. You cant change what has already been done (it will only kill you).  You can’t really count on what you will do because it still hasn’t happened and it will drive you insane. You might just as well rest on what you are doing right now.

Thursday May 24, 2018

What is the purpose of killing yourself over what is done or what you haven’t done yet driving you insane? Live today so that tomorrow can be taken care of and yeaterday can be released.

Pride Vs. Humility: A Little Background


So why would I put my ‘dirty laundry’ out for everyone to see? Because it is related to that first year of recovery.  During that year I thought I had this addiction thing licked and when it rared it’s head again I looked to blame every one and everything for it.  That isn’t to say that what happened or was said was wrong or not bad but rather that I was controlled by anger anger, shame and my old ways. I was too proud to realize that it was me and how I reacted to the situations. I was too proud to ask for help and be willing to be wrong or over reacting.  So have you experienced this Pride? How do you get to Humility?

Monday May 21, 2018

May my pride be held back in bad situations so that I can be humble enough to ask for help and accept situations as a temporary thing.  Remember to love the person who let’s their pride continue to control their responses to their environment.

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Remembering our destructive past is only good if we learn from it and allow ourselves to be humble in the lessons learned.  Don’t start the path of relapse because of what happens because then the addiction controls you. Remember that today you are clean and nothing is guaranteed. You have to work with it!

Weekend Recovery And Community!


It’s been a long week and what is the first thought an addict has.. “Let’s Roll!”  In Recovery that phrase means something different than when we are in our addiction.  Remember that you are not alone this weekend.


Friday May 18, 2018

Some people will get this on Saturday but it doesn’t change the Value does it? Remember that a weekend is when you have to look to the people who matter in your life.  Spend some time recognizing how precious each moment is.  Focus on the moment and when the urge comes push it out with the breath of hope!

Saturday May 19, 2018

Sometimes we get discouraged because people are not reaching out to us but is it possible that today you should reach out to them?  To be given a hand up out of an urge we also have to reach out for it and accept it.  Sometimes it starts with us reaching out rather than someone reaching down to pull us up.

Sunday May 20, 2018

If you don’t look for help you won’t find it. Remember that we found our addiction because we were looking for it (even if we didn’t realize it at the time).  Join recovery by first looking for it and then experiencing it in each moment!


Consider joining a Facebook group If you aren’t already.  Here is one to think about!

Compulsive Gambling Help Connect


What Can You Do? Recovery Is Family.


What do you do when relapse is calling? Do you reach out? Do you give in? Do you realize you have a family around the world that helps hold you up?


Wednesday May 16, 2018

When we think we are alone it’s the addiction talking. Remember that you are not alone! Reach out and let someone give you a hand up!


Thursday May 17, 2018


Do you find serenity in chaos? Recovery is finding serenity in the messes in life because you are facing them head on and with the support of others.


Consider seeking out help.  If you are looking for it and are on Facebook Consider joining Compulsive Gambling Help Connect.

Comfort Zones


We all have ‘comfort zones’ but do we ever try to expand that zone?  In our addiction we were comfortable with it until it became a problem which was usually when the time ran out on it.  In recovery we learn to ‘get comfortable’ with people at meetings, counseling or even with our own family and friends.  The question becomes how do we get better without finding as many resources as possible?  Recovery can be painful but it get’s better when we open up to possibilities.


Monday May 14, 2018


Comfort zones:  For me recovery was not comfortable in the beginning but as I expanded my thinking I found myself building comfort in recovery.  It was like walking for the first time. I took one uncomfortable step until it became comfortable (or at least tolerable).  Each step moved me forward.  Today I continue to expand my comfort zone through opening up to others and trying to share the path ahead of me.  Consider expanding your comfort zone by stepping outside of it.  You might find that it is actually comfortable.


Tuesday May 15, 2018


Tools are for making the job easier. But only after we learn how to use them.  Sometimes we even have to adjust them to fit the project.  Recovery is much like that.  we find tools and as we use them we find a way for them to fit into our abilities.  We adjust them to the process and what we need them for.


Ar you open to all the resources you find? Do you use tools when they are discovered or do you simply set them in the tool box to collect rust and dust?