Stepping Out And Doing The Steps!


And so it begins. Have you ever done the 12 steps of recovery as laid out by GA? Consider joining in the journey.  A group I am administrator of called Compulsive Gambling Help Connect is doing just that. It is a closed group on Facebook that you can join for resources and group activities to work on recovery.


Want to join and start the journey then let me know Step one begins today and we will take at least a week on each one!

Monday April 30, 2018

Recovery is not something you do alone because that is what got you in trouble with your addiction. Reach out for support wherever you can find it!  It works best when you work with others.

Tuesday May 1, 2018

A fresh start is best done each day because it is the only today you have. Yesterday is already history and tomorrow is always a day away! Live recovery today as if it is the most important moment in recovery.  Why? Because it is!

It’s Not About The Problem But How You Deal With It!


I could have used a picture of me today but it seems that encouragement is not about what is seen rather about what is experienced in the moment.  We have problems in life but how do we deal with them? Do we go into a ‘self medicating’ addiction or face it with the knowledge that the problem is not a permanent condition.

Friday April 27, 2018

Remember that recovery is about facing the problem head on so that it can be put behind us. Our addiction wants us to hide from it so it can get worse rather than deal with it so it can pass.

Saturday April 28, 2018

Recovery is getting through the day by facing each moment as it comes. Addiction is hiding from life troubles and then feeling worse when it comes around to where we are having grown.

Sunday April 29, 2018

Recovery is rebirth. Be prepared to learn something new in each moment.

Remembering The Challenge


These encouragement posts all started with an email offered and developed into regular posts on my blog. Over time it has grown into more connections through Facebook and other places where people are seeking recovery. Today I share a ‘flashback to one of my 2016 posts. Remembering the past doesn’t mean we have to hold onto the past mistakes. Grow form them and face today head on so that you can heal rather than using past failures to make the wounds worse.  Be kind to yourself today because it is the only today you have.

Wednesday April 25, 2018


Work can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Life challenges arrive without warning and an urge arrives.  The big question is what we do with it in that moment.  Do we break from recovery and feel the pain that follows amplified by that which we are hiding from?  Remember that the challenge may be painful but not nearly as much as the penalty for avoiding it.  We also can focus on what has happened as we faced them directly in the past.  Remember they pass faster when we face them directly.



Thursday April 26, 2018


I was considering the moment of my recovery this morning and remembered something.  I woke up as part of a group of recovering addicts who are also waking up. In their company (seen or not) I am not alone. My struggles may be unique in many ways but they are not so unique that I am the only one to have them.  Remember this “I stand with others in recovery. I do not stand alone!”

Late but not forgotten.


I’m usually done with this post long before this but sometimes we get caught in situations beyond our control.  I’ve been fighting a health issue for some time now but over the past week it has really hit hard. What’s important is that it isn’t forgotten.


Monday April 23, 2018

Even being late to the party is better than never having been there.  Remember that it isn’t how long it’s been but that you have taken action to change. Recovery isn’t about how long you have been addicted only about that you are working to get better.

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Recovery is about the present moment. If you are in yesterday it solves nothing.  If you are in tomorrow you are missing the steps you are taking right now. Remember to focus on the path in front of you so you don’t trip over what you can’t see. behind you or way down the road.

Help For Compulsive Gamblers And Their Support People!


All resources available should be used to gain recovery. I am offering one for people who are on Facebook.


If you want more check out the website:
On the website you will find links to places that can help you find a meeting ( meetings of all types not just Anonymous ones.)  If you want community and either can’t find a group there is still help available through the Facebook group.  Remember that you can only heal if you reach out and get help. Doing it alone is not the most successful way nor does it provide support.  This is also true if you are a support person .  Because of that these resources are also available to you!

Revisiting the Fist Morning Of Recovery!


We start questioning what we are doing but what do we do about it? Do we look for help to change it or do we just keep doing the same thing. We need to remember the message below.

“A Recovery Moment starts when You wake up and only ends if you change it.”

Although this was originally shared January 2016 it still applies today.  We need to do more than admit something and know there is a problem.  we need to find a way to make changes. Remember that recovery begins when we get up in the morning and start with a thought that we hold onto throughout the day.

Friday April 20, 2018


When we wake up in the morning we sometimes forget who and what is important.  Remember to look in the mirror and then look at the people you affect throughout the day.  Even when you are not at your very best someone sees you and silently sees hope, joy and kindness.  It may be as simple as the hello you say to them, the smile you share or any number of things.  The key is you matter in each moment today.


Saturday April 21, 2018


When we can’t handle the pain we need to remember we are not alone.  In recovery we are part of a large group of people who in the moment we are thinking about them…. they are thinking of us.  We may not know every person in recovery but we know they are out there.  When we started the process for the first time we had people who came alongside us through Counseling, Meetings, Medical appointments and a world of other ways. Don’t forget that you are not alone in your journey of recovery.


Sunday April 22, 2018


It is time to get ready for something new. It may be the hope of a new job, the beginning of a new day or any number of challenges (not all of which will be seen as good by us at the time).   No matter what comes it is new and good can come of it if we are willing to look for it. Recovery is not always easy but our addiction wil not make anything better.  We have already been there and it all leads to a moment in time.  Make the best of everything that comes your way and you will be able to see beyond the bad to something better.

A Flash Back Reminder For Today!


On January 11, 2016 this encouragement blog began as an email sent out to a select few who asked for it. It was meant to help with the process now known as the 30 day detox.  Having listened to people talking of a struggle to stay clean , I found myself gravitating back to this first post.  I have updated the dates to fit today but the writing after is the same ‘word for word’ message that first time.  As you read it ask if it still applies today? Are we still in the battle for our recovery? Keep in mind that this message, while it started as an email it continues today as a blog. It has been available for 2 years 3 months  1 week! It continues and other than today it has not repeated itself.  If it helps then it wouldn’t hurt to follow it or remember that it is a tool that is a growing tool box.


Wednesday April 18, 2018


A Recovery Moment is what we have each moment of time we remain clean from our addiction. Waking up each day, consider the options.


  1. At that moment you are not ‘in your addiction’. You are in your recovery.  Your moment may seem so small, but consider this:  You are one of millions of people who are also in their recovery.  Because of this you are a part of Decades of Clean time in each moment.


  1. If you decide to go back to your addiction you will also be part of a group of millions and part of Decades of active addiction.


Which group do you want to be a part of?  That is the one you need to feed in each moment!


This is my variation of an old Cherokee Legend told here in video. Chose wisely if you watch one of these 2 videos.






Thursday April 19, 2018


There are challenges in life and when we were in our addiction we found an escape for a short time. The problem for us is that the problem was still there when we were finished avoiding it.  Worse yet was that our addiction had ‘fed’ the problem and added to it. Our ruin was assured in our mind.


Now we are fighting each day to hold onto each moment. Just as The Tale pf 2 wolves explains how our lives are a constant battle. It reminds us of the value of each moment.


Today I ask you to remember that “A Moment In Recovery” is a moment worth repeating more than a moment of our addiction.  One moment of recovery is more valuable than any 100 moments of our addiction!!

A Self Medicating Addiction Selfless Recovery Treatment


When addiction takes hold it is often less about the end results and more about the action that numbs pain. Sadly the end results are that you have more pain. In recovery we stop being selfish and start being selfless.  Yes you are doing it for you but the result is that others have a kinder person in their life.

Monday April 16, 2018

Are you ready to be selfless in your selfishness? Or are you still being selfish and avoiding the people around you?  Remember that recovery is both selfish and selfless. You want to be a better person than the addict you so you put recovery first but in doing so others see you as more available.


Tuesday April 17, 2018

As I have become more selfish about my recovery I have found more time to give to those who matter in my life. To be selfish in recovery is to be selfless in your living.

The Unlucky Addict!


Superstition! It is locked around things like the favorite machine, Rabbits feet and of course ‘Friday the 13th.  But for addicts no amount of ‘luck’ will change the results at the end of the process. As long as we still feed our addiction it will keep us looking for the next ‘win’.  You know it never works out that way.

Friday April 13, 2018

Some would call this an unlucky day but it is only a day with a date.  In recovery we are finding our best selves which were lost in those losses we leave behind.  Remember that going back is your path to being in more pain but going forward in recovery will ultimately bring you great wealth in relationships, respect and things more valuable than any win.

Saturday April 14, 2018

Recovery is living today and not reliving yesterday.  It is remembering the value of each moment.  You are living the most important moment of your life in this moment. What will you do with it?

Sunday April 15, 2018

Remember that you don’t stand alone and that meetings are available. Reach out so you can continue climbing out of your past pain.

Troubled Waters Recovery!



It can be so difficult when things go wrong not to go to our ‘escape plan’ but it is necessary.  When something bad happens it is important to remember that something good can come out of it.  We have what we need to stay in recovery rather than what we want that leads us to our addiction.

Wednesday April 11, 2018

When things get difficult remember that there is a reason and you can do positive things even if it doesn’t feel that way. You never know who is watching or who needs to hear from you.

Thursday April 12, 2018

Recovery isn’t easy but it is worth it.  Use your pain to help someone else who is also in pain. If you have a voice and can talk you have a gift.