Recovery Is Changing Your Focus!



On Febuary 28, 2018 (March 1, 2018 for some) I begin walking through ‘detox’ with compulsive gamblers through a Facebook page called Compulsive Gambling Help Connect.  After 10 years of sobriety I still am reminded daily of those first days.  Remember the focus of recovery is to become ‘addicted’ to being in the moment and to recovery it’t self!


Wednesday Febuary 28, 2018

Remember that our past actions brought us to this point so now we will make new actions which will create new outcomes.  Recovery is using our past to learn for today.

Thursday March 1, 2018

We fight to get stronger because we want to have the ‘eye of a tiger’ and the hope in the new morning.  Recovery begins with one step and continues as we learn to walk in recovery just as a toddler begins to walk. Falling down happens but what will you do with it? Give up or keep fighting until you can run?

DETOX Is Possible! Recovery Is Continuous!


Chemicals are removed from the body through a process of removing access and having people there to deal with your symptoms.  Removing thoughts is a bit more complicated because they are tied to a process. These are both detoxing processes.  Recovery from ‘process’ addictions is focusing on the mind to contend with the desire there.


Monday Febuary 26, 2018

To detox we must be willing to ‘de think’ what we do when in the addiction. It takes time but with time comes strength.


Tuesday Febuary 27, 2018

Keep recovery in mind and it will help you mind your recovery.   Knowing your surroundings is part of recovery. Awareness is half the battle. The other half is changing how you see things in your recovery.

Join the Facebook group Compulsive Gambling Help Connect for resources to detox by!

This Moment You Can….!


Recovery is a moment to moment process that can change the world!  This moment YOU can change the world! It may not seem like it but consider this:  How many events did you miss when you were in your addiction? How many people have seen you change in a moment and realized they can change?  Telling your story allows people to have hope. Hope changes the world one piece at a time!


Friday Febuary 23, 2018

Our challenges have created hope especially when we share them. If you carry a burden by yourself it becomes a weight but if you share it the weight is less because it isn’t all in your shoulders.  Allow others to carry the struggle with you.

Saturday Febuary 24, 2018

If you never open the door you can’t go through the doorway.  Recovery is like that too! If you don’t try you will not have a chance. As long as you are trying you are not failing. Recovery is where you find people you never knew before that care more than you could ever have known!

Sunday Febuary 25, 2018

Recovery begins with ‘YOU’ and continues with ‘US’! Remember that as you find recovery you also find support. When you leave your addiction you arrive at your life!


Personal Note:  I know my encouragements are not always the best but in writing them I create hope even when they are not so good.  Below is a story that was picked up after I did an interview with someone for an article.  Remember sharing can create hope and education for others.

The Legacy Of Recovery


As I write this I remember day 1 of my recovery. At that moment I was thinking of all the damage I had created and felt so ashamed of the legacy it was creating.  Now I look at recovery and feel blessed.  Although I had left a mess in my wake today I am honored to say things are different. The legacy being created is one that I could never have imagined! Remember that your legacy does not have to be what was in your addiction but you can change it to something better as a result.

Wednesday Febuary 21, 2018

Recovery is building a new story to help others in the future. Your legacy can be changed one moment at a time. Sharing your struggles creates a positive future!

Thursday Febuary 22, 2018

There may be books out there about the addiction and a person who has recovery but it never hurts to have one more! When we were in our addiction it was never enough now we realize something else! There are never too many stories of recovery because each one can create a new one simply by the sharing!


Encouragement And The Moment!


I woke up this morning as I do many mornings. I asked myself a question to start my day. What am I going to do in a moment?  The answer this morning was hang in there. Health and other environmental conditions may make life difficult but they don’t define me.

Remember that you are not alone and that there is always hope. It is the only ‘Always’ that matters.  Today we can do what we are in the moment we are in. Stay on target and be willing to reach out if you are losing focus.

Monday Febuary 19, 2018

Recovery is about being present in this moment and not getting ahead of it or letting the past define the present.  Be in recovery in the moment.

Tuesday Febuary 20, 2018

Remember that despite what you might think you do matter. No one can take recovery away from you unless you take it away first. Hold onto the fellowship of those who are journeying with you.

Stronger Though Weakness!


In life we often want to do things on our own but fail to realize that sometimes we need to have help.  Remembering that we can’t do everything alone helps make us stronger.

Friday Febuary 16, 2018

Two days ago it was valentines day and the premise behind it is that we share our love with someone special.  We need to remember that recovery is like valentines day because we need to share our process with others to find out we are not only not alone but that we have support. Recovery alone is like a mouse trying to get the ‘bait’ without knowing how to avoid the trap that holds the cheese.  When we have others who are also in recovery we can avoid going for the cheese all together because we can find what we really need safely.

Saturday Febuary 17, 2018

Moral support in recovery is like having someone there to help us when we are struggling.  It can come in many forms but unless we reach out for it we will not know it is available.  When you are hanging by a string remember that others are there to pull you up and fight the challenge.

Sunday Febuary 18, 2018

Recovery is knowing where to look and looking there for help getting through the call of addiction. Remember the places you can go for support and go there!

Here are some thoughts for those who are looking for help:

  1. Support meetings (GA, AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery etc.)
  2. Facebook groups. (I have one called Compulsive Gambling Help Connect)
  3. Friends and family who can help if they know.
  4. Your higher power. (For me it is God through my Christian Faith)

It Isn’t Easy But It Is Rewarding!


Recovery means being willing to face the pain we were avoiding. That is not easy but it can be one of the most rewarding things we do!  Focusing pain as a motivator to be a better person is not easy but it definitely changes our outlook.

Wednesday Febuary 14, 2018

When we were in our addiction we avoided the things going on around us. As time went on we began to see that it was still there despite the addiction and that it was getting worse because of the addiction. Our recovery is a journey to making a better day tomorrow (which is our goal)but also a move to make today a new day.  Remember that the pain get’s worse if we go back to our addiction but can get better as we move away from it!

Thursday Febuary 15, 2018

Use yesterday to inspire today and remember that it will change tomorrow.  While we are always heading to tomorrow we are best served focusing on today. Remember yesterday is gone and today can make all the difference!