A Beginning To 2018



As 2017 comes to a close I offer Facebook people an opportunity to begin the journey of recovery in a private group.  The group is for recovery and includes information for helping Compulsive Gamblers who are interested in getting past the slips.  It isn’t perfect but if you join I promise you 3 things:

  1.  Access to several books to help with the process.
  2.  People who are looking to work together with you from around the world.
  3.  A chance to go beyond yesterday’s slips,falls and failures.

This is the link what have you got to lose?



A Story Of Recovery: Christmas Style!


In the spirit of Christmas and Recovery Here is a story (Fictional to protect the innocent).  Told by an old man who has been in recovery for decades.

Well it was a few years ago when this young fellow approached me and asked simple questions about his recovery (although at the time he was not aware that he was asking for recovery advice).  He came to me and asked kind sir how do I stop drinking beer while still being able to enjoy other drinks that I have no problem with?

Young man, I said, if you want to quit drinking beer simply focus on the other drinks without considering the beer.  But beware that you might then want to quit the other drink at some point.

The young man said: But I only have a problem with Beer.  I don’t feel the same way about the other drinks.

I responded: With years of walking my life path I have learned the lesson I am about to share with you.  I was once ‘just a beer drinker’ and had a problem with just the beer but when I removed it I found out that it wasn’t the beer that was the problem.  It was the experience behind it. I could escape problems, become the life of the party, and find a new side of me when I drank. When the beer was gone another drink became my favorite and I believed it was the problem.  For several years I went from one drink to another without realizing the background of it being the experience.  Finally I said to myself, all forms of this drink were dangerous to me.  I worked with others to stop drinking only to find that something else gave me the same experience.  Next it was Drugs of different kinds and I fought it off. Then another and another.  Finally I said I will not ingest any of these things and sought help with it.

At some point I experienced the same feeling with gambling and because of past experience I realized that to be safe I should avoid all forms of gambling. It didn’t matter if money was involved because I had realized that the feeling was in the action and not in the form that action took.

Please heed the warning of the old sage and focus on that which matters in life.  Remember the lesson of addiction:  It isn’t the specific activity or substance that is the problem but rather the nature of how it affects me.

Reaching Out: Where To Find Help On Line


To ring in 2018 I have some places you can find help listed below. If you are a Compulsive Gambler who needs recovery help check out these places:




Both are for you and are free. At the Facebook link you will be able to access Material, and connect with others. You will also get information on meetings offered and more.

At Stand Tall Recovery Services you will find more and be able to connect with services.

Finishing The Year Strong!


When the next encouragement comes out it will no longer be 2017. 2018 will be upon us. How will you finish out 2017?  Will it be focusing on the failures or refocusing on this moment? Will you be determined to make more meetings? To get to know others and gain strength from the connections?


Friday December 29, 2017

Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime. Don’t start it only to forget that it needs to be worked on continually.

Saturday December 30, 2017

Meetings make it so make the meetings a priority! A meeting doesn’t have to be the same for everyone but it should be the key to maintaining recovery for everyone. Remember where you were when you were left to your own will. Get involved to be involved in accountability.

Sunday December 31, 2017

As the new year approaches remember to approach your recovery with the same excitement of New Years Eve Parties.  Focus on the exciting moment you are in with recovery and every moment is an adventure.

Monday January 1, 2018

With the new year will come a change in video meetings. Get involved so that others will have recovery with you and you will see the decades you are part of when in recovery!


Personal Note:

In 2018 Meetings will be developed as people come to me asking for a video meeting. The meetings that will remain are:

  1.  The one established for those in recovery in England (7PM Thursday London Time 2 Pm Michigan Time).
  2. Thursday Meeting at 8PM Michigan time (1AM Friday For England, 7 Pm Central, 6 PM Mountain Time 5 PM Pacific Time and so on)

An Important Message That NEEDS YOU!


This message comes with a call to action! In 2018 meetings in the virtual world will be offered but to make it work I need some input!

Please answer the questions in the comment area or by Emailing me at Continuedrecovery1@gmail.com

  1.  What days and time would you like to see a meeting available In your time zone?  (Please include a designation for the time zone)
  2.  Would it be helpful to have these meetings available in your Country and region?

I am also looking for people to commit to attend at least 1 of these meetings a month. So include information to reach you via email.  If you have an interest in being part of the committee that oversees these meetings let me know. I’d like to develop this into a separate program as it can’t be officially associated with GA.

Fresh Starts!


Video Meetings have been tried and now there will be changes.   Because of the sheer number offered and the lack of people being involved I will be cutting back but also rescheduling them. Keep an eye out for the changes coming January 1, 2018.  But let’s talk about fresh starts today.


Tuesday December 26, 2017

Christmas is a time for new actions. Relapses are bound to happen but it’s what you do with them that matters. Today resign yourself not to be in your addiction in each moment as it comes. Get involved in recovery one step at a time.

Wednesday December 27, 2017

Recovery is not something that you do once and are done. It is an in the moment act of hope. Remember to focus on this moment and that you are not alone.

Thursday December 28, 2017

Remember you are not alone. Millions of people are walking your journey of recovery with you.  You are part of something bigger than yourself.

A Friend’s Gift For Christmas To All!


I know a fellow Named Doug who is offering a phone meeting on Christmas Morning for those who need it! Here is the information you need to join:


It’s at 11 Am (Eastern Time) December 25th Which means it is 10 AM Wisconsin Time, 9 AM Colorado Time and 8 AM California time.

Simply call (605) 475-6711 and follow the prompts.  The Access Code is 3052058