Recovery Is A Family! You Are Not Alone!


Recovery is a journey but it is also a family.  Last night I felt like a family member was lost.  It is hard when someone chooses to play ‘blame games’.  I won’t go into detail but would like to remind everyone of one thing. The addiction is a disease but only you can do the work to get better. No mind Games but sometimes tough love comes around.

Wednesday November 29, 2017

How you fight for recovery can determine how things go.  People are walking with you and can help you BUT it is ultimately you who have to take the steps.  Remember to use tools to keep yourself standing when needed.

Thursday November 30, 2017

Be willing to listen but also be ready to take action.  Listening doesn’t do it for you it gives you guidance for what’s next.

Remember there are meetings.  You can call into them of use the app to join with video.

Zoom Meeting Schedule

Hope In The Midst


Recovery is a process. In those early days it was such a struggle that the addiction often came close to regaining power. Then It comes to us.  Hope comes in many forms but the most visible is a person who has traveled the road we are on. Remember that while someone is your light, you are also a light to someone else.

Monday November 27, 2017

Look in the mirror and see the light you are to someone else.  Then look to those who are your encouragement. Don’t forget that you are not alone.

Tuesday November 28, 2017

Recovery is not an overnight fix but rather a lifetime learning journey.  Keep learning so that you can keep moving forward.

People Care: Recovery Begins


It’s the days following Thanksgiving and what can we remember of being thankful?  I remember this as being the beginning of my recovery journey and discovering just how many people cared. In the days ahead remember that even the pain is something to be thankful for because without it we would still be in our addiction.

Friday November 24, 2017

Having stuffed ourselves with food yesterday we can remember that it is better to be full than broke. Recovery matters even when the pain is fresh in the mind because it is the path to a better life.

Saturday November 25, 2017

Remember what you lost because of your addiction and be thankful that you can get back the important things such as family, friends and the ability to spend time with those who matter most.

Sunday November 26, 2017

Addiction is like diarrhea as it empties us. Recovery is is like building a building. It takes effort and each action builds on the other to create something better.


Holidays And Recovery!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here and I remember the joy of the season as a recovering compulsive gambler.  There was a time that this holiday was not so happy but today even if things don’t go well it is a joyful time.  Remember that the people around you are more important than your addiction. Recovery is being thankful every day for every breath and the opportunity to be with those who matter most.

Wednesday November 22, 2017

Even those people who we have lost because of our addiction are a blessing to us.  Remember that with recovery comes opportunity.  Take this day as an opportunity to make amends to those who may have been lost because of our addiction. We may yet regain them but it takes time.

Thursday November 23, 2017

Be thankful for recovery because it gives hope for a better tomorrow.  Hope, Love and Peace are part of the season we are in now despite any problems we face.


Video Meetings Update! Download The File And Join In!



Over the past several months I have been trying different things. After trial and error with Video Meetings I have now finalized the meeting list and times. If you need a meeting then don’t make an excuse if they are offered.  Below is an offering from me using Stand Tall Recovery Services as the outreach for them.  They are not formal GA Meetings but are available for people to work the therapy portion of meetings. There is no cost fore joining and will be available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 PM Eastern Time.

The PDF below has the basics for those interested.

PDF DOC Zoom Meeting Schedule

Recovery And Birthdays!


As the new week begins so recovery grows within us.  Yesterday (Sunday) was my 54th Birthday and on Tuesday It will be my 10th birthday.  While that may seem like an odd mathematical calculation it is true.  While I was born in 1963, I was also reborn through the recovery process on November 21, 2007.  My life has gotten better as I’ve grown in recovery and I hope that for every person in recovery.

Monday November 20, 2017

Recovery is being born. There are growing pains much like when you were a child.  Learning to walk in recovery is done with the help of others. Don’t be closed to having someone walk with you.

Tuesday November 21, 2017

One moment at a time adds up.  Be willing to be in the present moment with others who are also recovering. Realize that one moment adds up and some day you will have millions of moments one at a time!


Side note: A new schedule will be coming out beginning tonight for video meetings. All will be at 8:00 PM (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday).  If you want to zoom in a meeting I’ll be there.  If you want to get a message for the meetings email me at:

Recovery In Trials


Recovery is not experienced lightly.  It involves facing challenges.  Remember that your addiction caused more pain than it helped and that recovery comes with more trials.  First forgive yourself. Then begin reliving life!

Friday November 17, 2017

Recovery is not easy nor is it effortless. Remember that as much energy as you used to feed your addiction is how much you need to invest in your recovery.

Saturday November 18, 2017

Relapse is inevitable if you focus on ‘Never again’ focus on not now.  Cherish the moment because it will be gone when the next one comes!

Sunday November 19, 2017

Rebirth in recovery means that you have 2 birthdays. One represents when you were born and the other is when you were rebuilt by the recovery process.  Be happy for both dates.  Side note this is my birthday in the year 1963.  My recovery birthday is on the 21 st. For one I am 54 and the other is 10.  Both are cherished today! Cherish both of yours too!

Concerns And Action:


I am calling on people to act in their own way with respect to laws concerning Casinos.  Below is why. The letter below is one I hope to send to editors and media outlets in my home state of Michigan. I encourage you to find out if it is similar in your part of the world.  If it is then help change it by composing a similar letter. Remember that recovery is not something we do alone!

To the Editor,

I am a recovering Compulsive Gambler who has been clean for 10 years and I want to ask people to help push for a law change that makes sense.  It involves activities that put some of the people I’ve talked to over the past few years at risk even as they try to stop.

While my gambling was Scratch off tickets, many of the people I work with are casino gamblers.  It has become clear to me that when a compulsive gambler ‘self-bans” that the Indian casinos don’t have any consequences for doing things that try to draw them back in.  Let me explain what I mean by that.

While the 3 Detroit Casinos have laws that prevent them from continuing to send emails and mailings to banned individuals, Indian Casinos do not have the same restrictions.  Each Tribe is considered their own nation and as such, while they follow most of the same laws they do not have the same rules regarding casinos.  If you ban from one casino it bans you from all of the ones run by that tribe but not from all Indian casinos.  You have to go to each Tribal casino to be ‘self-banned’ and, while you may ask to be removed from their mailing lists, they may not follow through.  Thus a person banned is not allowed on the property but the casino may still send an invitation to events on the property.  This is very dangerous as many will return and face consequences.  Here is the difference in consequences between a commercial casino in Detroit and the Indian casino located anywhere else in the state:

  1. Detroit casinos will arrest and press charges upon first trespass and the ban is a Lifetime one. Indian Casinos fine the person first and, like the Detroit Casinos, keep both winnings and any money in the machine at the time of discovery.
  2. Unlike Detroit Casinos, Indian Casinos may fine a person between just over $100 and $500 for trespassing several times before actually arresting them. The fine is collected by the Tribal Police which means that it is to their advantage to have Compulsive Gamblers return after being banned.
  3. Commercial Casinos are LIFETIME bans while Indian casinos allow for a person to apply to rescind the ‘self-ban’ any time after a year.
  4. Commercial Casinos have a process that is ‘off site’ for the banning but Indian Casinos require the person to go onto the property to be banned.


It is greatly disturbing that this occurs. While casinos have a predatory nature, Indian casinos have the added predatory behavior of feeding the addict with their policy that allows such harm even after a ban is in place.  The ban is much like a restraining order.  Would you let an individual who has a restraining order get away with violating it repeatedly?  Sadly that is what happens with ‘Self-Bans’.

It is also disturbing that Compulsive Gamblers have to go to the Indian Casino to self-ban as this often results in the person relapsing many times before completing the process.  It is my belief that there should be an offsite location that allows a Compulsive Gambler to ban themselves from ALL Casinos in the state.

While it is only my opinion, it is a reasonable one. You don’t send an addict to his dealer to get help so why would you send a Compulsive Gambler to a Casino to get help?

What Time Is Good For You?


Having started the video meetings and attempted to launch them at different times, I am now asking for serious input.

People make time to be on Facebook, Go to a meeting and other things for their recovery but it seems that meetings are a tricky thing.  As a Result I am soliciting input on when to have them and commitment to attend the meetings at least 1 time a month.

Presently the Video meetings are at 4 PM on Monday Wednesday, 6:30 PM on Thursday and 3:30 on Saturday.   While I see people attend some of the time often it is a point of notice that I am here either alone or with 1 other person.  So I am considering moving them all to 8 PM ( the times are eastern Standard time in the USA) so here are the questions:

What time (using your own time zone and identifying it) would make it easier and more likely that you would attend?

What days are best for you?

The point of this post is to get responses on the post so it is imperative that people respond.  I will continue to try but after a point I may consider discontinuing this project.  Please give your feedback!