Official Virtual Meeting Information Now Available!


The updated schedule for zoom meetings is now set. Depending on need, Interest and requests for new meetings this could change in the future but for now this is the schedule. Updated for those times people have suggested so far. If more meetings are added a new addition will be made and posted.  Please Join your fellow addicts in recovery for the therapeutic opportunity!!

Meetings and the topic generally speaking are not meant to deter anyone as they are open for therapy and reference the time of week more often than the level of recovery.


Fresh Starts!


It’s a new week so what you did that caused you grief last week doesn’t have a bearing on what you do today.  Remember that each moment is a fresh start and as long as you own the past without carrying it you can start fresh.  Mistakes are part of life but they don’t have to be your whole life.

Monday October 30, 2017

Beginning today with a clean slate can make all the difference.  Especially if yesterday you were making a mess of the slate. Start clean today.

Tuesday October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! Just because things scare you don’t let them destroy you. The past pains you have can be part of the present healing you experience if you let them.

App Under Review!


I have sent the app to be reviewed by the site administrators, If all goes well it will be live sometime between Tuesday and Friday!  Here are the present avail abilities it has:

  1. Contact Page: Provides ways to reach help through Website, Email and phone.
  2. Social Page Provides Facebook link, Twitter, Youtube and Blog information.
  3. Website Page: Has a link to Stand Tall Recovery. Here You will find every form of help available.
  4. Request Info Page: A Place to request One on one Zoom (Video meeting), Info on Group Meetings via Zoom, Speaking requests for groups and a category referred to as other ( a way to take open requests including help with self Banning)
  5. Photos Page: Has 104 Encouragement Memes and will grow/ change over time.
  6. About Page: Describes how and why this app came into being as well as some aspects explained here.
  7. Meetings Page: Has access to places to find meetings for most addictions both Anonymous and other forms.

Keep your eyes open for The ‘Stand Tall” App!  What are your thoughts?

Self Help App Release Monday October 30


I am proud to announce that the app for self help is tentatively expected to be released on Monday October 30, 2017 in a test form.  There is a possibility for early release for test group use as soon as Friday Night or Saturday Morning.  The final app will be released if no problems arise on November 21, 2017.

You might ask why 2 separate dates are listed.  The first release will be to those who request to be testers while the general public release will come after evaluation by those interested in grading it and giving suggestions for changes.

I need volunteers to test the app.!! If you want to be or are willing to be the first to get it while still in Bata testing follow the directions below:

  1.  Email me at: OR
  2. In the Header Write App Tester
  3. In the body of the email write that you would like to test the app before it is released Reference the app name: Stand Tall
  4. Provide an email address you would like the link sent to.
  5. Identify yourself and where you are from (First name, Last Initial, State or region)

Are you willing to be one of the first?

Weekend Challenges!


Weekends are the biggest challenge. The call is strong and the deterrent weaker.  The challenge is to make the call ‘smell bad’ and the deterrent feel ‘good’.

Friday October 27, 2017

Recovery requires looking at the addiction as if it is something we hate and making the connection.  If the gambling was equated to being in a septic tank would you go into it?  That is exactly what gambling is like because it really ‘stinks up’ your personality.  The problems we are avoiding are worse when we get done but maybe if we looked at them as a process to get something better it wouldn’t be so bad?  If you receive a reward after dealing with it wouldn’t that be great?

Saturday October 28, 2017

Recovery is looking at the world as new every morning and seeing sunrises and sunsets as blessings.  Wake up in recovery so you can go to bed at night to a beautiful sunset.

Sunday October 29, 2017

Failure is the beginning of success unless it is part of an addiction. Addiction is the path to perpetual pain but recovery is a healing balm.

Change And Helpful Tools


It’s official! 2 of the meetings are moving from their times to a new time of 4 PM on the same day.  The Monday meeting offered at 10 Am EST will be moving to 4 PM and the Wednesday meeting scheduled for 2 PM EST will be moving to 4 PM.  Other time changes coming include the Saturday meeting but the time has not been determined yet.  In light of this change some other events are also ready to be announced!

New App Coming!

With the opportunity to create an app now available, Stand Tall Recovery Services will be developing and releasing a new app called “Stand Tall”.  This app will be free and have resources such as those listed below:

  1.  Daily Encouragement. (From a blog which will make it different every time!)
  2. Links to Meeting finder sites for all different addictions.  (More than just anonymous groups)
  3. Links to banning resources.
  4. Special Readings.
  5. Access to individual and group virtual meetings through zoom.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING THE FREE APP AND WANT TO BE INFORMED WHEN IT IS RELEASED PLEASE EMAIL ME!  Email with the topic header STAND TALL APP and write a message including where to send updates on when the app is coming out and information about yourself.  If you would like to give input on what you would like in the app include that as well.

Help For Recovery: A Chance For Redemption


Recovery is a challenge every day. After 87,021 hours (3,626 days or 119.11 Months or 9.92 years) of recovery it still haunts me from time to time but it doesn’t ‘possess me’ any more.  As a mater of process today I began to build an app to help my fellow addicts find hope and help.

Wednesday October 25, 2017

It is better to seek help than to act on your own impulses.  Addiction impairs reason and destroys hope. Recovery builds reason and creates hope.

Thursday October 26, 2017

Apply yourself to that which will give you hope and recovery will find you.

The Battle Of Recovery


In addiction we love the high but hate the low. We also forget that our high comes at someone else’s expense. We look in the mirror and think it looks good so it is good. We look into the eyes of another and can’t see the pain.  Recovery means being willing to look into these things. Realizing the pain caused to others by our high and making amends if we can.  Recovery is finding ourselves and climbing out of the hole we have dug.

Monday October 23, 2017

Looking in the mirror doesn’t mean you should take a selfie to prove how good you are. Remember that today is the beginning of your present recovery.

Tuesday October 24, 2017

Follow the path of hardest work so that you can say today you fought the fight of recovery.

Hope In The Aftermath


Recovery is a calming influence over our addiction. It is the Sunrise of hope after the Nightmare.  Our addiction has left us in a state of fear but recovery brings hope.

Friday October 20, 2017

Remember that the sunrises each day we are in recovery and hope is ever present.

Saturday October 21, 2017

Let the nightmares be left in the darkness of your past. The present is a new day!

Sunday October 22, 2017

This moment has a light that can only be put out by the past if we go there.

My Story And Some Meeting News!


It seems that a story needs telling. I have put mine to music in 2 separate parts. First is the journey I took into my addiction:


Then there is the story of my early recovery which has led me to today.  The challenges still exist but they are handled much better now.

So Recovery is about more than you think but still requires a willingness to be open to it.

Today is the beginning of some changes and tomorrow is the continuation of those changes but for now be in this moment.

Wednesday October 18, 2017

Recovery starts in a single moment and only continues if you stay in the present moment.

Thursday October 19, 2017

Remember that there are things you can’t do anything about and that changing them means focusing on what you can change.  This moment is yours to do with as you choose.  Choose to be clean.


Changes to the meetings offered are coming because of a lack of interest in the 10 Am one it will be phased out unless people start attending. The end date is tentatively Monday October 30th.  Wednesday’s Meeting is under review and may also be phased out by the end of November.  That said Thursday’s meeting will remain and Saturday may end up having more than one meeting.

Please share your feedback on the meeting schedule and when you would be interested in having one.

Here is the present meeting information: