Recovery Vs. What Your Addiction Wants



Above is a letter from the Disease of Addiction. It reminds me what I have to look forward to if I let my guard down.  It doesn’t matter how long a person has been clean because the addiction is waiting for them to let their guard down.  Remember the pain but also remember the new life you have in recovery.

Monday July 31, 2017

Recovery is continuing treatment without fail.  Remember that the treatment is your booster shot against a dormant disease!

Tuesday August 1, 2017

Is your disease calling you back?  Don’t pick up the call.  Call a friend instead!

Want Counseling? Can’t Find It?


Stand Tall Recovery Services Founder Bernard Zeitler is proud to offer a new service to those who are seeking it.  The service will be provided through several different forums online and via phone.  If you are in a place that doesn’t offer counseling for Compulsive Gambling or simply can’t afford it now there is a way to get the help you want!

Under services on the Stand Tall Recovery Services Website there is a form to make a request for services.  This service is available for both the addict and those who are associated with an addict.  Sessions are 40 minutes long and limited by availability.

So if you want help or are interested in more information use the link above or email

It Goes Deeper! The 12 Steps Are More!


The 12 steps are often looked at from a perspective of going through the different parts of a process but seldom is each process broken down.  Too often we look for the obvious while missing the underlying key.  We may see the guilt and maybe some of the surface stuff but it can go deeper.

Friday July 28, 2017

Remember that the ‘voice of addiction’ only lets you hear part of the story. Be willing to listen to the ‘voice of recovery’. when the fog clears maybe the guild goes back to an event you haven’t related to your addiction.  Until I looked deeper I didn’t realize my guild went back to when my brother died (I was 5 he was 10).

Saturday July 29, 2017

The steps come together to arrive at the next ‘floor’.  Keep doing them to keep getting better and get to the next ‘floor’.  There is no telling how tall your ‘building’ is.

Sunday July 30, 2017

Recovery is not a single level home or a limited skyscraper. Work to see how high it will be!

Input Needed! Is This Worth Doing?


Having discovered a potential way to offer 40 minute, one on one, meetings through Zoom I am considering making it a reality.  So much of what happens is a journey of discovery that sometimes needs a little help.  As the founder of Stand Tall Recovery Services I feel a great need to help others.

Here is what I am considering but need input on.

I would open up myself to being a Peer Support Counselor to those who are interested by using a site called zoom.  In doing this I could set up appointments with people who wanted the help with the understanding that it is only available by setting up an appointment to do so. If I were to do this I would hope for a 90% follow through and some guidelines would be used to declare the boundaries and set forth the understanding of what would be available.


My background for considering this is:

  • Bachelors In Social Work
  • A Recovering Compulsive Gambler since November 21, 2007
  • Background studies in Religion, Psychology, Sociology, Education and Continuing Studies in addiction.
  • Work in Mental Health, Prison Mental health and the service industry.
  • Author, Speaker and Resource development in the area of addiction.

The question I have for those who read this is do you believe this service would be helpful and as a free service would you or someone you know use it?  The other aspect is to figure out a way to help fund it’s continuation for decades to come as a free service to those in need.  To do so would require setting up a way to donate/ make free will donations.


What are your thoughts?

It’s All About Right Now!


I woke up this morning feeling guilty that I hadn’t done something last night that was necessary but quickly realized that I couldn’t change last night.  Recovery is like that too. We can’t change yesterday and tomorrow isn’t here yet (it never will get here as it is always a day away).  I can only do what I can right now.

Wednesday July 26, 2017

Having lived with past mistakes haunting me, I finally realized that today isn’t about those mistakes as much as what I do today.  Remember that today is what you have, yesterday is what you had and tomorrow depends on right now.

Thursday July 27

Right now I am freely focused on my moment of sobriety and know that it is what will affect the rest of my day.  Remember that this moment can make the next one important because it is part of who I am becoming and not who I was.

Delayed Reaction Recovery


Sometimes I forget that my recovery started with a confrontation and denial.  When something goes wrong in our addiction we may look to others for blame but ultimately it comes back to the addiction and our denial.

Monday July 24, 2017

When did recovery start and when was that last ‘high’?  It may not be what we think it was.  Be aware that something triggered our desire to get better just as something triggered our addiction.  Focus on the recovery triggers to avoid the relapse triggers.

Tuesday July 25, 2017

Often the move to recovery is one that is first forced and then desired. What ‘forced’ your recovery?  Have you yet come to desire recovery or is it still forced?