Step 7 Discussed




Humility is more about strength than weakness. Being humble is a strength because it indicates a person can admit they make mistakes and are not quick to take credit even when it is due them.

My gambling was a sign of a problem but in recovery I have found courage. That courage is in facing my addiction and the problems it caused.  I focus now on getting and giving help in removing the shortcomings revealed by my addiction.  I am different from many but the same as those I call friends in the meetings.

Since November 21, 2007 I have found more serenity through the Meetings and grown in several ways.  I did not have much self respect and thought life was over. Since coming to my first meeting I have learned new joy, self respect humility and so much more.

I have come to count the meetings and those I’ve met as valued resources as well as intricately important  to my daily recovery.

I remember my first meeting and the feelings that came with it. I remember doubting I had a problem until I left and bought that last lottery ticket. Returning the next week to admit my failure was hard but it taught me the value of accountability.

Some defects are hard to let go of because they have become so much of who I am.  It is hard to let go of past destructive and limiting behaviors but I continue to work on letting them go and seeking help to make those changes.

In prayer and meditation I find solace over past troubles and focus for the challenges of today.  I also find solutions in moments of reflection.

Due to my past experiences I find myself being more understanding and honest.  My ability to love has improved as well because I have learned to love myself more.  It is all because of the interactions of my fellowship in recovery.

What are your thoughts?


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