Updates For Website, Contacts And More!


As of today Stand Tall Recovery Services has returned to 1 service number where help is available by text or voice. That number is (269) 339-0061. While this limits the availability it is necessary as there has not been enough use of the phone services to warrant having 3 numbers.

Another change is that The web site is adding links to services and tools over the next few weeks there should be even more links than the ones recently added.

The encouragement emails continue to be available and here are links to the archives:

recovery-moments-archives 2016 /Year one

Recovery Moments 2017 2017/ Present

Further updates are coming with that too as it will be transferring to a blog where it will be more available and some new materials can be used. It will be coming in April so keep watching!  In the meantime consider signing up on the Stand Tall Recovery Site !


New information will be coming soon!


Stand Tall Recovery To Scale Back


While it is desirable to have multiple phone lines for help and for a while now there have been 3 lines to get help, it is not warranted at this time.  As a result the following will happen over the next 2 weeks, at the most:

The following numbers will be discontinued:

(517) 798-0748

(517) 980-0013

This will leave the remaining number as the sole number available for the services offered:

(269) 339-0061

This change will allow for a small savings that can be used for other services and help keep Stand Tall Recovery Services going until such time as more numbers are needed.  It will also allow Stand Tall Recovery Services to remain open as it is presently operated and fully funded by it’s founder with no income to support expansion or services.

If you would like to help keep Stand Tall Recovery Services operating and allow for more actions to be done, any size of donation would be appreciated through it’s funding page.

To continue operating and expand into greater service to those who cannot afford services, it takes at least $1,500 annually ( this amount maintains what is presently happening). The funding page shown below is to keep Stand Tall Recovery Services going for the next 3 years. It has been maintained without help for 4 years and cannot continue operating without the help of others who want to see it remain.


Help Keep Stand Tall Recovery Services Available