Free Help For Addicts!


Recovery A Hand Up

Below is a recent video discussing several services that are available through the Website and as direct services.

  1. Text help lines (you may also call them for voice contact):
    1. (269) 339-0061
    2. (517) 798-0748
    3. (517) 980-0013
  2. Virtual Meeting (generalized for any addiction) with numerous ways to express your therapy)
  3. Encouragement Email: sent out 3 times a week with something for each day (A Recovery Moment)
  4. Downloadable Posters and other material.
  5. Video education
  6. Blog
  7. Self Studies.

Finally there are books and other resources.  Soon there will be the beginning of a treatment program that will be free to all addicts in recovery and their families!



Want to learn more then go to  Stand Tall Recovery Services on line web site.