A Vision And A Dream


In my early days of recovery I had struggles but I also had a new vision and dream.  Who am I?  I am Bernie and I am a Compulsive Gambler in Recovery.  What is that vision and dream? Read below to find out.

The dream began with a thought and grew into a vision.  That vision grew into a focus on the dream of a Treatment facility that was able to be self sustaining without charging those who needed it anything.  A Program and Facility that could be duplicated and grow in a way that not one addict who desired to recover would be left behind. Not only that but the family would also be able to get the help needed to repair damage previously insurmountable.

In the last 3 years I have begun seeing receptiveness in strange places. The concept has received some warm receptions, but it is not a reality yet.

Some know the details of the vision and some have the dream, but it is still building into a real hope for tomorrow.

The pictures above are a small representation of the vision.  Here is a description add your thoughts.

Upper left Picture: The Driveway into a place called Ganet Loma.  Here is more detail on the place:


Below that is a picture of a hole which I consider a representation of addictions grip on the addict.

Below that is a picture of a table. It represents the hope and help found in meetings around tables.

Below that is a room with one chair. To me it represents the loneliness and emptiness experienced in the beginning of recovery.

Next to that is a rainbow. The sign of hope and  the dream of redemption.

Finally, above that is the picture of a sunrise showing that a new day is possible in recovery.

So now it is your turn. What do you see? Can you see the vision and dream?

Interested in learning more then contact me by email at Berniez@Standtallrecoveryservices.com

OR through the website:


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