Encouraging Posters, Virtual Meetings And More!


If you are looking for something to encourage your day Stand Tall Recovery Services has free stuff for that. The page and materials is growing.


Need a meeting but can’t get to one… Stand Tall Recovery Services provides a virtual one.

Need help finding help where you are… Stand Tall Recovery Services provides links to find it where you are!

Consider Checking it out:  Stand Tall Recovery Services

Changes Coming To Stand Tall Recovery Services!



Since The beginning Stand Tall Recovery Services has been about helping people and creating resources.  In light of this some changes are coming that will provide for the company to keep doing what it does for the foreseeable future.

Here are some changes that are coming:

  1. Stand Tall Recovery Services will be dropping it’s long standing phone number in favor of a cost savings with using a newer number. (Effective July 31,2016).
  2.  “The Recovery Show with Bernie Z” will be discontinued in favor of some educational video productions which will begin by July 31, 2016. (The show is officially discontinued immediately)
  3. Expanded “Free” Products will be developed and posted (Has already begun with posters).
  4. The Store for products sold will be changed to an outsource at Amazon as it is not maintainable at this time by Stand Tall Recovery Services.
  5. A “Provider Contact” Page will be developed  for those who would like to purchase products for their programs at discounted prices. There will also be ways for those who would like material to contact Stand Tall Recovery Services Directly for assistance.
  6. Expanded E mail services.

This is just a brief overview of coming changes. To learn more go to  Stand Tall Recovery Services


An Experiment With Water And Emotions!



To prove a point I am inviting you to join me in an experiment.

I would like to share some ‘positive’ proof that my research which has worked with people who have committed to it will work because of something called Quantum Physics.  Here is how you can get involved:


  1.  Commit to trying this empirical  experiment with an open mind.
  2. Watch the video below to explain past experiments of this type.
  3. Use the attached graph to chart your results
  4. Come back periodically to see what my long term project shows.

Water Taste Test experiment June 25

Now It is up to you!

Posters, E mail, Text And More!


Recovery A Hand Up

As the founder of Stand Tall recovery Services, an activist support site for Recovery Awareness, I am proud to announce the continual growth of free things to help people in recovery.

Thought the website I offer (as the above suggests) “A Hand Up” not “A Handout”  The free services are only helpful if used. So I thought I’d list the main free things found at the site:

  • An Email encouragement (sent out 3 times a week).
  • Links to resources (places to find meetings and other resources)
  • A 24/7 text line to give a person someone to interact with.
  • A Virtual Meeting
  • Posters and other Printable encouragement.
  • Information on events and opportunities to help others.

This is only part of what you will find at:   Stand Tall Recovery Services

Again, as the poster above indicates, “A Hand Up not A Handout”, there are other resources available that require an investment. This has been referred to by some as taking advantage of people who are just starting out in recovery. The biggest problem with that thought is that it indicates the person in Recovery should get everything they need without being invested. Here is why the material costs some money:

  • To create the material requires investment on the part of the person creating it.
  • In addiction the addict was ‘invested’ in the addiction and likewise a person in recovery must also be ‘invested’ in it.
  • In order for the material and opportunities to be available there needs to be funding to sustain it.

That said, the costs are not free to keep this going.  It is a work that cannot be kept up by one person.  As the founder, I make nothing and have limited funds so I create materials to help keep it going.

So check out the free stuff and consider the other stuff to help keep it available for others in the future.

“All In” Recovery




I started my recovery in late October 2007 but was not “All In” at that point. What I mean is I knew I had a problem and desired to change but didn’t know how to do it. That changed when I started GA and on November 21, 2007 I started the journey of being “All In”.

Here is what it means to me to be “All In”. It means more than just desiring to change.  It means taking action and being as committed to recovery as you were to your addiction.  Now what does being “All In” look like?

For me and for many others it looks like this:

  1. Admit your mistakes and work to do things differently.
  2. Admit you can’t do it alone.
  3. Find the tools that help (Meetings, Sponsors etc.)
  4. Use the tools!
  5. Commit to working with someone else if needed (Counseling, Peer Accountability.

More importantly show your willingness to follow through.  Over the years I have seen people who do all of the above with some exceptions.  The exceptions often look like this:

  1. I’ll admit my mistakes and do things differently, BUT I want to hold onto the past so I can beat myself up and live in misery over it (most of the time this is a subconscious act)
  2. I’ll admit I can’t do it alone BUT only when it suits me and when I’m comfortable  with it.
  3. I’ll find the tools that help BUT limit my exposure so I can stay in a comfort zone.
  4. I’ll use the tools BUT only when I can manipulate them to fit the way I want them to be.
  5. I’ll commit to working with someone else if needed BUT only as long as I’m comfortable with where it is going. ONLY if it suits me to get out of a problem and keep someone from getting on me for something.  ONLY as long as I’m in complete control (Even though I know I am not in control of my addiction).

The “Exception Recovery” is one that allows for self defeating behaviors which can lead back to addiction or into the pain that drove us there.

So here is the question:  Are you a person who is “All In” for your recovery?

Help Shape The Vision And Dream Of Free Treatment!



Yesterday I discussed a Vision and Dream.  Today I ask for help Shaping it. I was reluctant because it has been a slow process to get others involved. Thanks to the words of several people I shared that Vision and dream. Now I am looking for input. Below is a link to the new page dedicated to that Vision and Dream.  It is there that you will find information on the dream and a form to add your input, ideas and feelings about it.