Today I Choose…


Today I choose to be clean in each moment alone not worrying about things beyond my control.  As a recovering addict I remember thinking I was alone in the beginning. It took time to realize I was not alone and there were people out there who wanted to help.

Make a choice today to reach out to someone who can help you get on the high road of recovery, get over the hurdle that keeps you from going forward and help you see that there are more choices than returning to your addiction.

Accept tools and connections that will help you. Most are free for the asking. Stand Tall Recovery Services offers tools to help, but you have to be willing to reach out for them.   Check them out and use them. Check them out and share them by spreading the word. Consider volunteering to be a part of them so that your success can be shared with those who need hope.


Events, Opportunities And Recovery


Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith.  Yesterday, after months of trying to go through formal channels, I was able to get a message to the Lt. Governor of my state. It all happened because of an event.

I was asked to be a presenter for peer support at a conference in the state capital. It was the last day of this event and the keynote speaker happened to be the Lt. Governor. As with events like this people were trying to get selfies with him after the speech he gave. It was my opportunity!  I was able to get my book, business card and thoughts to him. It was received well and now recovery may have a voice in the state that it didn’t have before.

The moral of the story is: Unexpected opportunities can be beneficial if you take them. Don’t avoid reaching out to help others.

Please Consider checking out the free services available through Stand Tall Recovery Services if you are struggling with your recovery from addiction!




Remember: A Recovering Addict Speaks


November 21, 2007….. I went to my first GA Meeting and found myself passing the test of an addict.  It was a moment of reckoning and a moment of denial. I had went there to prove I was not as bad as I thought and within minutes of leaving the meeting I proved I was worse.  I left the meeting and went to buy a scratch off ticket. In that moment I realized I was a Compulsive Gambler.

Pre November 21, 2007… I was in denial. I looked for any reason not to go home, avoid my ex wife and feel better about myself.  It almost cost me my job.  I had already cost me my sanity, driving my suicidal depression to the brink and ultimately to the Adult psych Unit for 10 Days.

Now in recovery I look to reach out to others who are suffering. I want to give back as much as possible because life has been restored to a better place.

If you are looking for help with addiction don’t delay. Check out what Is available to help. Here are the things I have developed:

  1.  Several books to help the addict and their support people.
  2.  A ‘Virtual’ Meeting for those afraid or unable to make a meeting.
  3.  A free Email encouragement.
  4.  A Free text help service.
  5.  Links to all sorts of help.

It is all at

If you need help I want to be helpful. Reach out!

A Meeting At Home And Private!



As some would already be aware of, a ‘Virtual Meeting’ is available 24/7/365.  Sometimes a meeting is not available where you are.  Now that isn’t true!

As a recovering compulsive gambler I remember needing a meeting and not having the ability to get to one. So now I’ve created the meeting below!

After the meeting you can send an email ‘therapy’ message to me.  To keep it and other services available there is a way to help support the meeting for upgrades and other activities at  Remember it is not required and just like a regular meeting it is optional.  The main purpose is to take the message to others!

It Has To Be Used To Help!


Remember: A resource is only helpful if you use it. A short cut fed your addiction so be willing to go the distance.

A man goes to the Hospital Emergency Room with a severe injury but upon arriving he leaves without getting help.

A Fire breaks out and a person picks up a fire extinguisher and leaves the room.

An addict wants recovery but only looks at the tools he/she can have to fight it.

In each of the above examples the help was within reach and available but in the end were not accepted for the purpose they were intended.  Is that what happens with you when you have a need and it can be met?  Do you give it a look, touch it, get right to the brink and then reject it?

When I went to my first GA meeting I heard the stories and took the test but didn’t commit. I walked out and within minutes returned to my addiction. In that moment, literally following reaching out, I realized I had to accept the tools available and USE them. Anything else was simply not going to work.

Since November 21, 2007 I have worked to develop tools and then share them.  They work, while they may not be for everyone you wont know unless you try them.  This is the moment of truth.

Find help in the resources at:

Are you ready to stop taking ‘short cuts’? As this article began so it will end:

Remember: A resource is only helpful if you use it. A short cut fed your addiction so be willing to go the distance.

Services Rendered!



As a Recovering Compulsive Gambler, I’ve found it hard to forget those who still suffer. This is why the 3 books above were written. That has been followed with more services to help that are free. While it is new it is my hope that people will reach out and take advantage of what is available to them at my website :

I first took the journey for several years, writing short articles which ended up being combined and expanded into a workbook.  That is “How To Win As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt”.  It works through what addiction is in terms of experiences non addicts can understand. The workbook is for both addicts and their support people because it allows for some personal reflection and insight.  It won’t cure an addict but it can help bring on remission and restore relationships.

Once understanding is achieved at some level, tools are needed. This is where “The 30 Day ‘Detox’ For Gamblers” comes in.  In it I share a technique for fighting those early urges. What I found interesting is that it also works for other addictions.  When the book was first started I tested it through a group of participants and discovered it helps with most addictions.  The process taught in the book is a ‘reframing’ of thoughts at the beginning of each day.

Finally, after writing a couple of other books, I wrote “The Life Recovery Journal”.  This is a journal that continues the training but also allows for use over and over.  It internalizes the belief that we can change if we work on setting our mind on a different track.

So now it is your turn. What have you done to help someone? What resources have you taken advantage of to help you in your recovery or understanding of the process?