Stand Tall Recovery Service Reaching Out To Addicts In Recovery


Hello I’m Bernie and I’m a recovering compulsive gambler. My last bet was November 21, 2007.

In the process of recovery I have learned that addiction is addiction and that every tool available should be brought forth.  It is why I founded Stand Tall Recovery Services and why I have put forth tools for helping addicts.

I encourage the use of the free things developed to help people in recovery and their families.  Here are some things that are available:

  • Stand Tall Recovery Services website

  • A Virtual meeting
  • Encouragement Email
  • Other opportunities and Videos.

I am also the author of several resources that are intended to help with recovery.

Here are the books available:


How To Win as A High Roller    The 30 Day Betox For Gamblers   BookCoverImage  BookCoverImage (1)

Do you know someone who is in need of help?  Do you need help? Here are some resources.

Do you want to understand what someone you know is going through in addiction and just don’t?  These resources can be helpful to you as well.

Virtual Meeting Relaunch


Yesterday I launched the Virtual meeting video and immediately had issues.  After working out the problems it is now ready to launch again!

Please check it out and give input via email or comments below the video.

It’s Finished! A Virtual Meeting Now Available!


Having been considering the idea of making a video focused 100% on providing an open meeting for those in Recovery from addiction,  It is finally done.  Below is the first generation of that meeting.  Only I am identified in the video so it is confidential for those who want to try it.  I look forward to input on how to make improvements over time.

12 Steps Of Recovery For Addicts And Suport People



Well it is done! The recovery Show has completed Phase one of 2 in respect to The Recovery and Unity Program.

For the addict who is working recovery there are 12 videos covering the steps of recovery. They are found here:


For Support people here are the 12 episodes that relate to how those 12 steps relate to you:



Along with this Stand Tall Recovery services is preparing to launch the Unity steps in video as well. While it took several months to get this first Phase completed, it is expected that the unity steps will be  done in 6 to 8 weeks.  The project will be started with the new month of May.

Stand Tall Recovery Services also offers several other free services to help addicts and their support system at

As The founder, Bernard Zeitler is committed to helping people in recovery from all forms of addiction even though his own addiction deals with Gambling.  Having stopped on November 21, 2007, he is committed to growing the resources and production of material for those dealing with addiction.