76 Days or 11 Week


By the end of this weekend, on Easter Sunday, it will have been 76 days which covers 11 Weeks that “A Recovery Moment” has been shared with people in recovery from addiction and others who just want an encouraging message.

Are you interested in what it is all about? Are you curious what they are like?                      This Email is sent out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a short message for each day of the week.  Below is an example of the message for this weekend.   Consider signing up if you like what you see, need a boost now and then or simply like a good read.  It is FREE and you can sign up for it through The Stand Tall Recovery Services web site at   http://www.standtallrecoveryservices.com


“A Recovery Moment starts when You wake up and only ends if you change it.”


Enjoying the little things in life is sometimes hard. Do it anyway every opportunity you get.


Friday March 25, 2016 (Good Friday)


Good Friday! It may seem odd to wish people a Good Friday but in the Christian faith that is what today is referred to. Have you ever thought about what it means to call this Friday Good? For Christians it is the day celebrated for Jesus.  What may seem odd is that it is not a birthday that is celebrated but a death.  How can a day be Good when a person dies?  In this case it is the significance of who died and why.  But today we also know that Easter is coming.  Remember that every little thing in life has the potential to be good.


Saturday March 26, 2016


As we await the celebration of Easter today remember that there is no need to rush ahead of ourselves.  Enjoy every moment today because this is a day of waiting for something good that is sure to be better than anything we could get by letting addiction get us off the track.


Sunday March 27, 2016 (Easter)


Rise in joy because you can appreciate the holiday, people and gift of life.  Take time to enjoy what you missed when you were in addiction.  Today is an event you did not miss.  Cherish it!


Inside The Addict’s Life: An Overview


Hello I’m Bernie and I am a recovering compulsive gambler.  Here is an overview of my path into my Compulsive Gambling

Growing up was not so different than most people. I had good things and bad life experiences. The  difference between me and others is during this time is how I lived out my path to the addiction.

At a young age I played marbles on the playground and I was good at it. I could out eat almost anyone. I could smile even when I was not interested in smiling. I was not an athlete and didn’t think I was very popular but on the surface it looked like I didn’t care.

As time went on the ability to ‘win’ was a good feeling. I enjoyed being the ‘biggest eater’,,’best marbles player’ and other things because it helped me forget my troubles. I hated ‘giving back marbles’ when I won them even though that was the rule at the end of the week.

As life went on, I married, had sons and did what was expected of me. I loved looking happy even when my depression was lurking in the back of my mind.

I had successes and failures along the way,but often when things were bad I looked for a way to hide from problems. Gambling became my ‘hiding place’. When I gambled nothing else mattered. I felt in control and could avoid the problems. I missed events even when I was in attendance because my mind would race thinking about the next opportunity to get ‘into the action’. Price did not matter.

My downfall: loosing more time than I could afford. Spiraling depression, self loathing, lack of focus and getting caught in a mess of my own making.

Can you relate?

March Is Problem Gambling Awareness Month!


Hello my name is Bernie and I am a Compulsive Gambler in recovery.  My last bet was November 21, 2007. Now that that is out of the way I want to offer people an opportunity to help others understand that Gambling is a problem that needs to be treated for people who become addicted to it.

For the entire month of March I will be looking for places to give presentations, papers to write Op Eds for and any other mode of spreading the awareness.  If you have suggestions or would like to join me in getting the word out let me know.  Better yet if you are a recovering Compulsive Gambler, Family or friend of someone with this addiction find a place to get the word out and share your story!



Catch Up On The Recovery SHow!


Well it all started October 24, 2015 and now there are 18 episodes and growing.

To date the show has covered 10 topics of recovery and 8 episodes ago began discussing the Recovery Steps from both the perspective of an addict and discussing them in relationship to those who are support people in the process.

The first 4 steps have now been completed and can be beneficial to help work them.

Enjoy the link below to the archives!