Trainings Soon To Be Priced


Recently Stand Tall Recovery Services started offering Courses free. That will be Changing  soon. If you would like to register and take the classes for free and at home now is your opportunity.  All who register in the next 30 days will still get the courses free.  By the end of March all course paths will have a set cost.

Would you like to get training for any of the areas offered? SIgn up in the next 30 days to get them free.

To be eligible you must have:

  1. At least a 9th grade education (preferably a High School Diploma or GED)
  2. A Desire to learn.
  3.  A willingness to help others
  4. Pass the application process.

This offer is open ONLY for the next 30 days (Febuary 17 to March 18 2016.

A maximum of 60 applicants will be accepted from the total during this time.


To apply go to: and look for ‘Trainings’ page.



Core Application Is First Course!


Below are the 2 forms that are both the first course and the admissions application for Stand Tall Recovery Services Training Program.  If you are interested in specialized training courses to help others with addiction this is how you start to prepare.

C1A Pre Admission

C2A Pre Admissions

Please fill them out and send them to .

The key to completing this program begins with applying and then with discovering how ready you are.  If you want to be in on the free period now is the best time as it is still in the beginning stages and those who do this will be eligible to teach this program in the years ahead as it becomes a certified program.


New Curriculum Presented For Trainings

To get more information or register send an email to:

Stand Tall Recovery Services is proud to offer curriculum for Peer Support.  Addiction is an ever growing problem and help for those in recovery is needed.

While many programs focus on support for the person in recovery with minimal help for the support system, Stand Tall Recovery Services believes that support is a broader need.

Classes will be beginning Mach 1, 2016 for those interested in learning how to help others with courses for anyone interested.  Here is the curriculum  overview including Core Courses needed to move into a support position.

Recovery Support Curriculum

The Focused Courses certificates are:

  • Peer Counselor
  • Peer Family Counselor
  • Peer Financial Advisor/ Counselor
  • Peer Family Support Advisor/ Counselor
  • Peer Detox Guide/ Counselor

These are the first areas opening for students immediately.  At this time the course study is free and most material is also free.  The intention is to keep cost from deterring interested students.


To get more information or register send an email to:

The First Step Of Recovery


Well, the first episode of the series of 48 is done. It is based on step one of the Recovery program presented by many ‘Anonymous’ Programs.

Below is the step:

“We admitted we were powerless over our addiction — that our lives had become unmanageable.”

It can be hard to truly admit we need help with our addiction and it has caused us to lose control of our lives.  Sadly many don’t.  Remember to always be aware of recovery and the relapse that awaits if we don’t admit this first.  Here is my show on this first step.