What Does 2007, 2013 and 2015 Mean?


Each of the pictures above represent a significant date.


The ‘selfie’ picture represents November 21, 2007.  That is the date I went to my first GA meeting and began my recovery (I didn’t think I had a problem but the scratch off bought after the meeting convinced me).

Next is the ‘logo’ which represents Febuary 15, 2013.  This is the day Stand Tall Recovery Services was officially launched.  It was a result of having finished and published my first ‘self Help’ book for Compulsive Gamblers and those who want to understand the addiction better.  “How To Win As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt” was first published by a small publisher and at great cost due to the ensuing Closure and legal and other issues as a result. It was republished and resulted in 5 total books to date for helping people in recovery.

Last but certainly not least is January 28, 2015.  Just one year ago I started a new GA meeting in my home town.  It is a struggle to keep it going but well worth it because I look at the people who are attending now and see their success as worth more than all my time in recovery because I know they will be an inspiration to others and Recovery continues.

This saturday I will be celebrating these events here in Michigan and if your interested let me know. I’ll give you the details!



The Addiction Of Recovery?


I realize that it has been a while since I shared a bit of the soul of my experiences.


I am a recovering compulsive gambler who has developed a heart for those who are caught in the web created by the addiction. So much so that after stopping on November 21, 2007 I began a journey to develop material and spread hope for recovery.

My addiction cost me money, but that is not the loss that was the worst. I also lost myself and that is the soul of an addicts pain when they start recovery. I know I lost a lot of money but I can’t really tell you how much because during that time it was not valuable enough to stop me.

I almost lost my job and that brought down a reality about who I had become, but not what I had become.

I lost my sanity for a time, but that was not even on my radar.

I almost lost my life and THAT brought it home, but did not help me stop.

Life has twists and turns. Addiction is one of the most insidious.

What would you do for your favorite food? Do you have a favorite restaurant? How about a part of your life (gift, heirloom, person) that you would do anything for? Picture losing that in a blink of an eye and repeating that moment for the rest of your life over and over. That is what it feels like when you are an addict and you have started recovery. For months, years or longer that is where you may be.

When I started recovery I was there for almost 3 years.

I fought back and found sanity again. Now I use my background to help people get to that place where recovery is free of the insanity of repeating the pain.

What questions haunt you about the person you know, or that you have become in your addiction?

I offer help for the addict, the family member, significant other, employer and community. I you are interested here is a link to that help:



The Process, Email and Course Outlines


The first attempt was not as I was hoping but after a trial run I discovered the problem with the ‘scheduled release emails.  It matters what time zone it is referencing and so it is that I found how to make it work.  “A Recovery Moment” is now showing promise and I may try to set up daily delivery because they can be set for delivery without me having to over do things.  It is worth considering. Please pass on your thoughts through the web mail provided at http://www.standtallrecoveryservices.com .


Now to the second part of the discussion.  Tomorrow Is the launch for classes as promised. They will be listed on the site just as they are below.  Registration email address will be tied to the web version.  The curriculum will have set assignments and classes will be ready for registration.  The classes themselves will begin Febuary 1, 2016 .  Share your thoughts on the overview by emailing at education@standtallrecoveryservices.com


Recovery Support Curriculum

Time Lapse Emailing.



Well here is a question… Have you ever “Scheduled” an email to be sent at a later time?  That is the Trial happening for Stand Tall Recovery Services.  I wrote an email for ‘A Recovery Moment” then set it for delivery at 6 AM Eastern Time tomorrow (1/13/2016).

Since I use my personal emails as the only ones that are visible I will know if it works or not in the morning. But this is new to me.  As the fellow in charge of the process and the founder of Stand Tall Recovery Services I’ve had to learn more and more about the tech available. So back to the question… Have you ever tried something like this?



Encouragement In Recovery. A Name Found?



Well, I started out working on a name for the email address to send out the encouragement messages. It was beginning to get cloudy and then…. A moment of memory.

Here goes “A Recovery Moment” is what has come out of the ‘mellon’.  Here is what the meaning is for the time being:

When I wake up in the morning now days I remember this one thought:

I am clean in this moment. There are Millions of people who are also clean in this moment.  When this moment is combined with theirs it is Decades of Recovery.  There are also millions of people still in their addiction. That makes for Decades of addiction.  Here is the question:  Which group do I want to be a part of In This Moment?

For me the answer is: A Moment of Recovery.  Thus The email Message is “A Recovery Moment”.

If you would like to receive the email then go to http://www.standtallrecovery services.com and sign up.  You can also send an email to Subscriber@standtallrecoveryservices.com with the message header ‘Subscribe  Please’.



The Recovery Show Returns! Services Discussed!



Much to the surprise of many and a day late… “The Recovery Show with Bernie Z”  is back for 2016!


I kept the show much shorter as 2016 started with ‘Glitch’ video production.  At one point the production was stopped due to equipment failure.  After that it was software followed by the internet connection.  But not to be deterred it is now available.

Check out  www.standtallrecoveryservices.com for new service offerings.

Monday will be the Email subscription service to help encourage others as they are battling for recovery.

Friday will be the ‘Beta’ release of course studies to help build a network of peer support people.


This is just the beginning of the 2016 offerings from Stand Tall recovery Services, so why not resolve to get involved!

The Launch Is Monday January 11,2016



Well here is an update!  On Monday January 8, 2016 the first E (encouragement) mail will go out!  It is free and will be sent on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  On monday the recipient will receive 2 messages in one email intended for monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday will be for both Wednesday and Thursday. At the end of the week, Friday, there will be a 3 day message system just as with the others.  On occasion there will be special messages as well.

On Friday of Next week (coinciding with the first week of the email service) a new curriculum will be released to help create support people for those starting out. The initial 5 Titled Course Studies are as Follows:


  1. Peer Counselor
  2. Peer Family Counselor
  3. Peer Financial Advisor/ Counselor
  4. Family Support Advisor/ Counselor
  5. Peer Detox Guide/ Counselor.

There are 7 classes that are ‘core curriculum’ which are prerequisites to  the final course groups listed above.  More details will be coming soon about these courses.  Since this is the ‘Beta’ program it is also free at this time.

So let’s ring in the new year with some new initiatives!



Recovery: In The Beginning



Ok, so what happens when you are just starting your recovery? How about after 2 years?  Have you ever thought about how to serve others who are fighting the battle?

Here is what I am offering to everyone as a starting point. for those who are eager to work toward recovery ‘one day at a time’.

First, I am offering a FREE subscription to an email encouragement program.  If you are interested in receiving the email subscribe to it by emailing: subscriber@Standtallrecoveryservices.com , I know some people have enjoyed and valued posts with a thought for the day.

The free subscription will be started on January 11, 2016.  It will be sent out on Monday Wednesday and Friday  as a regular schedule. On occasion special messages will be sent out on the other days. Also, there will be special opportunities for those receiving the email.

There are also special classes being developed for those who would like some extra training in ways to help as a Peer.  While there is not a formal Peer counseling program in many places, It is now being developed for those who wish to help others in that way.  Because this is a new program of Stand Tall Recovery Services, the classes will be free.

The specific trainings will be starting as self studies By January 15, 2016. The curriculum will be available for this son. If interested email recovery@standtallrecoveryservices.com

Here is a list of the first Certificate Programs available:

  1. Peer Counselor:  This is for those who have 2 years of continuous recovery and wish to build on it to help others. The purpose is to establish a network of people with personal experience who are interested in gaining some training in counseling and guidance skills.  It will also help develop skills to share your story of recovery and expand public awareness.
  2. Peer Family Counselor:  This is intended for those with a desire to help families, friends and the addict with the process of rebuilding life. Just as with the Peer Counselor you will develop skills for sharing your story and expand public awareness.
  3. Peer Financial Guidance Advisor:  This is for people who want to learn how to deal with those issues involving finances as people are rebuilding their lives.  The goal of this is to help with setting up budget plans, finding resources to assist with the recovery financially and help expand public awareness.
  4. Peer Detox Counselor:  For those who have a minimum of 2 years of continuous recovery, this will help you use a program of materials to guide someone through their first 30 to 90 days of recovery. This program is to help people learn how to replace the urge with a personal program of training that can create tools going forward. You will learn ways to help a person instill changes to reach those first months of recovery in the face of the urges.  As with the other trainings you will develop skills to share your recovery and expand awareness.

Are you interested? Do you want to get involved in giving back through service as a part of your recovery? Consider the options I am offering.  I am working toward making these courses recognised for paid jobs within the recovery programs.


Do You Want Help?


As a recovering compulsive gambler I remember those early days. I was eager for a ‘quick fix’. The path I’d taken with my addiction was such that I wanted just as secretive and effective a ‘method’ to get my life back. It took me years to realize I had a problem and I wanted the fix to be instantaneous and perfect.  It isn’t that easy though is it.

I founded Stand Tall Recovery Services and wrote books to help others work through the process.  Today is the first day of recovery for any addict no matter how long you’ve been ‘clean’ because all it would take is one moment to change everything back to what it was.

The question of “Do you want help?”  is as much for meas for others.  Here is that opportunity.  I am launching a daily encouragement email subscription program on Monday January 11, 2016.  Will you accept it? It’s free and as time goes on it can help. Because of this process I, as the founder of Stand Tall Recovery Services will be dropping away form Facebook groups that I have been posting in.  By the end of January I will only be using the Stand Tall Recovery Services Page and the 3 groups I created on Facebook.  I encourage people to accept the help of the free email service and consider the program I will be launching soon thereafter.

The program that is going to be launched next week is one that involves a “peer commitment contract”.  I will post the sample version soon.  It is a form of Peer counseling.  There will be a training program developed for a person to be ‘certified’ as a Peer Counselor through Stand Tall Recovery Services.  The details and training process will be posted on the Stand Tall Recovery Services Web Site on Friday January 8, 2016.

There will be several programs ready for launch by the end of the month. Those programs will include:

  1. Peer Counselor Training.
  2. Family Peer Counselor Training.
  3. Peer Financial Guidance Training.
  4. Peer Detox Program Training

These programs are the beginning of Stand Tall Recovery Services “expanding the awareness initiatives” which are geared toward Recovery, Healing and Rebuilding.

Please check out the site and sign up for the free email encouragement program.

If you wish to be involved in the other initiatives or want to know more contact me through the appropriate email or form at:  www.Standtallrecoveryservices.com

Stand Tall Recovery Services Contact Methods


THe Eye of Gambling Addiction And Recovery

Having started may new services and continuing to develop more, Stand Tall Recovery Services is providing more specific contact information.  While not listed here you Can go to http://www.standtallrecoveryserices.com  for a free subscription service for encouragement.


Contact Emails:

If you would like to ask Bernard Zeitler a question, suggest a topic for an article or book. Even if you just want to have a phone conversation then here is the email:

Bernard Zeitler: CEO and Author:                               author@standtallrecoveryservices.com

Want information for an event, request an event or find out more about events.  Use this email:

Event Requests Or Inquiries:                                      events@standtallrecoveryservices.com

Open ended inquiries use this email:

General Inquiries:                                                   information@standtallrecoveryservices.com

Looking for help with recovery or understanding services available use this email:

Direct Contact For Recovery:                                     recovery@standtallrecoveryservices.comO

Interested in free services such as mentoring, personal interaction or support for the process then use this email

Requests For Free Services:                                         service@standtallrecoveryservices.com