Changes Coming And A Survey Question


THe Eye of Gambling Addiction And Recovery

Well today has brought forth the beginnings of change for Stand Tall Recovery Services.

In the next few weeks Stand Tall Recovery Services will begin setting up ways to help provide more services, keep the web presence alive and purchase  products .  There will also be surveys, questionnaires and other things of interest added.

The past 2 months have been slow and developments slow, but here is the first Survey to check out!

Changing The Path



As I begin to look at Stand Tall Recovery Services, I realize that some areas will need to be phased out and others will need to be promoted.  In order for Stand Tall Recovery Services to continue It will need to begin producing a minimum income. As the next few weeks pass There will be several changes.

There will be a way for people to contribute to the cause so that the Website, Materials and activities can continue.  I will be exploring the volunteer help available to grow the treatment aspects and look for opportunities to have a benefactor take over as a financial manager to allow for better focus and provide for greater activities.

Presently Stand Tall Recovery Services consists of one volunteer, myself who is maintaining things with no income.  I do what I can but will be looking to create an income for 2 reasons.


  1.  Keep the hope alive to help others who are in recovery or affected by this addiction (and all the others potentially tied to it), the Family, Friends and Community .
  2. Create a way to provide an income to stay active, have insurance and keep me working.

So share your thoughts, encouragement and desires for the future of recovery.

No Show Today But Suggestions!


Stand Tall Recovery Services will not be putting out the weekly show “The Recovery Show with Bernie Z” today but instead will be posting links to several videos of interest.


First is the radio Interview when “How To WIn As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt”  was released.  The information for purchasing the book has changed as it is no longer published through the original publisher. It is available through book stores as a special order item or online stores as a direct order.


Mike B and Bernard Z interview for Problem Gambling Month 2013.




The Recovery Show To Be Delayed One Day


New Pic Of Me

While normally Stand Tall Recovery Services would release “The Recovery Show with Bernie Z’ on Friday, it is postponed until Saturday due to unforeseen issues.

Saturday’s show will be used to announce an anniversary for recovery and discuss the question so often asked by a member when these events are celebrated:  “How Did You Do That?”

Bernie Z made his last bet on November 21, 2007 and tomorrow is 8 years of sobriety built up 1 day at a time and sometimes one breath at a time.

See You Then!!

A Video Meeting?: “The Recovery Show with Bernie Z”

THe Eye of Gambling Addiction And Recovery

THe Eye of Gambling Addiction And Recovery

Tonight’s Episode of “The Recovery Show with Bernie Z” is just that! It did have a few bumps along the way and it isn’t perfect But it is a meeting for those who may not be able to get to one. (At least a short reminder if nothing else).

Share your input and if you want to even your story!

What Is Gambling Anyway??

THe Eye of Gambling Addiction And Recovery

THe Eye of Gambling Addiction And Recovery

So today’s topic is what is gambling? Is it really important tthat money is involved? Where did my gambling (or yours) really begin?

Please give your thoughts on this topic as everyone has differing opinions of the definition.

The Recovery Show with Bernie Z Tomorrow


New Pic Of Me

Well it has been a week since the Recovery Show put episode 2 was released. Tomorrow will be episode 3 and I’m keeping the topic under wraps. I am still looking for input and thoughts so send them. The show is looking to begin having a “Letters” section.

What is the length that you would like it to be?

What kind of information would you like to be presented?

Who would be interesting guests you want on the show?

Suggest away by either commenting below. making a comment on the show or emailing input to with the message header : ‘Recovery Show Input’.

Input Please!



It has been a full week between the launch of “The Recovery Show with Bernie Z”, Interviewing for a job that will help me get healthier.

I need some input though as the show is a work in progress. Here are some questions for people:

  1. While the name is presently set up for the weekly web production, I am looking for a more creative title. What are your suggestions?

2. Would you be interested in having other people tell their stories in the production?

3. Should there continue to be ‘daily thoughts’ and articles? (I have produced a year of them at present.)

4. What features of the web site should be expanded, added or removed? (I’d like your input)

5. Should I create a free subscription list for some of the productions and if I did would you subscribe?

Here are 3 links to help you in giving suggestions: