Why, How, What And Other Questions In Recovery


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When you first realize you have and addiction certain questions arise. It is no different for Compulsive Gamblers.

Over the past year I have had many conversations with people who asked these questions. On occasion I have asked myself these questions. When I was just starting the process that is all I did for months.

Why did I gamble? Why couldn’t I just stop?

How could I have been so stupid? How could I have lost so much? How can I fight back against those who took it? How could I have given away so much?

What’s wrong with me? What kind of fool am I? What can I do now?

I still ask questions but most of the time they are different. That is because, considering all of the things that have changed, I have changed my perspective.

The questions are now more often:

Why has it taken so long to be identified as an addiction? Why can’t I do things to educate others? Why is it so hard to share sometimes?

How can I share my experiences so others are helped? How can I fight for recovery? How can I make people see?

What is different now? What are the signs that no one sees? What is the best way to help others? What is the reason I feel better with less?

So the question for me today is how can I help others while still protecting myself from relapse?

I have begun the process by:

  1. Telling my story.
  2. Researching the problem and sharing what I find with others.
  3. Remembering that Addiction is Addiction as a friend (Mike B.) says often.
  4. Creating a website to share information and resources.  (www.Standtallrecoveryservice.com)
  5. Writing books (even if they have grammatical of typographical errors at times).
  6. Speaking to groups.
  7. This Blog
  8. Facebook groups (secret).
  9. Chat rooms (although they still have not taken off)
  10. Hearing other people tell their story from where they are at.

All of this is an ongoing process and there are still days where I think about going back (although it is a fleeting thought).  So now comes this question for everyone:

What will you do in THIS moment of recovery to grow and heal?

2 thoughts on “Why, How, What And Other Questions In Recovery

  1. Sharon

    To look at what I’ve been trying to escape from with kindness and love and to heal my past through whatever is necessary rather than use addiction to block and keep me in groundhog day. Bernie I haven’t contributed to Chat rooms etc yet because I am selfishly totally focussed on me through my early steps into a present I have never experienced without my crutch to escape… It’s hard work. God bless x


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