Addiction IS..






So over the past few years I have explored Compulsive Gambling as an addiction. Until recently it was not officially recognised in the DSM. Today it is given somewhat equal status with alcoholism, drug addiction and so on.

I’ve heard people say they would rather have an addiction to one of the other forms out there. Sadly, many Alcoholics have become compulsive gamblers. What I’ve heard from them is that Gambling is harder to break free from and is easier to hide.

The thing that compulsive gamblers have to realize is what others have said about their own addiction.

An alcoholic once told me that they had lost everything and became homeless because of Alcohol.

Drug addicts have said the same thing and when I tell a compulsive gambler this they don’t believe it.

A compulsive Gambler, Alcoholic, Drug Addict or over eater have the same consequences! It is why, no matter what your addiction, you have to fight for sobriety the same way! You also need to be very aware of those other addictions so that you don’t substitute one for the other.

Remember: Recovery is a lifetime process and vigilance  is necessary!

It is not better to have one addiction over another and to think that way is to set up failure.

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