Books From The Life Of A Recovering Compulsive Gambler.


How To Win as A High RollerThe 30 Day Betox For GamblersTHUMBNAIL_IMAGE (7)Funny LifeWhy Me

Here are the books now available from Author Bernard Zeitler.

Since November 21, 2007 he has been in recovery from Compulsive Gambling. As a result he has opened up about that journey and the things that helped him to understand the addiction. He shares his recovery process for both the addict and those who are dealing with an addict through “How To WIn As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt”

Being in recovery while selling his addiction to others during those first 2 years mad it difficult so he developed a system which helped him get focus and avoid relapse. In “The 30 Day Detox For Gamblers” he shares it as an outgrowth of his initial book mentioned above. The book works to retrain the thought process because sometimes your addiction can ‘come to you’

In his attempt to put it all together into one single program, Bernard Zeitler took “How To Win…” and “The 30 Day Detox..”  combining their content with some guidance on how to work through the process.  This is memorialized in “The Path To Recovery Program”. Using this program can help you understand and battle the addiction of Compulsive Gambling. It has also been helpful for other addictions.

If you like to laugh then “The Humorous Life” is for you. Mr. Zeitler takes everyday life and shows humor in everything from the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep and beyond.

Finally, Bernard Zeitler starts out telling his story and ends up taking even the bad things in his life and showing how they were good using 1 Corinthians 13 (also known as the love chapter ).  After doing this he walks you through a study of your own experiences and applying the same process.

Consider the possibilities and check out these books By Mr. Zeitler.

The past Vs The Future



“Addiction eats reality but recovery builds a future.”

Bernard Zeitler

While in my addiction it devoured my self-esteem, personal value, money, family and all those things  It stole my past, but in recovery I have decided I need to let the past go so that I can build my life back up. It can’t happen as long as I keep thinking of the past.

My future is not dependant on my past addiction but on what I am willing to do to gain my life back today. Life will always be a struggle, but it does not need to be a trigger. Look for those things that build you up. Look for what works for you rather than against you as your addiction has. Building a support network of people is easier when you focus on those with the same goal.

Keeping Up And Other Thoughts



I have begun writing my Thoughts For Today and recovery articles here on my blog over the last few days and now have questions for readers. Please respond to the Questions with comments below.

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It is time for me to look into the potential to expand the reach of “The 30 Day Detox For Gamblers” and other books for recovery. So here is your chance to give input on what comes next.


Memories And Living Today


Picture60629111023aPhoto-0026Dad and I 2010

“Painful memories are not present events.”

Bernard Zeitler

There are times when our painful memories from the past interfere with our present day life. Today I think about my father and how much he did for me even though I did not always appreciate it.  It is hard to realize those past failures and lost times, but I remember that they are the past.  I also have many good memories of my father. So today I chose to focus on the present so that my sons and those who are important to me know that I am a part of their experiences.

I hope for the good things like repairing a bike together. I remember the positive thing that I was holding my father’s hand when he breathed his last. These are things that are lost in the thoughts of my addiction and what I missed because of it. I rejoice in my recovery because I was present for them rather than hidden away in my addiction.

Biological, Spiritual And Life Journey


Dad and I 2010

“In life family is both biological and spiritual.”

Bernard Zeitler


Today it is often time to recognize our fathers whether they are biological or adoptive. Fathers and sons come in many shapes sizes and ways. While my biological father has passed and I remember him often, there are other father figures in my life. I am also a father to 2 sons biologically, but have many sons and daughters in ‘spirit’.

I also have ‘Father’s and Mothers’ on my recovery. These are people who mentored,guided and walked with me in the process.

So Happy fathers day to all thoses who have shown others the way of recovery with their advice, time, and service.

Books for Recovery


How To Win as A High RollerWhy MeThe 30 Day Betox For GamblersFunny LifeTHUMBNAIL_IMAGE (7)

Hello I am Bernie and I am a compulsive gambler in recovery. My last bet was November 21, 2007. It is also the date of my first Gamblers Anonymous Meeting.

Since that time I have written 5 books for various reasons. Here is a list and short explanation of why each was written.

First I wrote “How To Win As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt” .  The book started as several separate articles written over several months. The end result was this book which serves as a work book for those wishing to understand Compulsive Gambling as well as the Compulsive Gambler starting the journey of recovery.  It also became a foundation for the recovery process.

I followed that up with “Why Me”,  a bit of an autobiography turned bible application study for 1 Corinthians 13

My third book is “The 30 Day Detox For Gamblers”.  This came from hearing fellow gamblers in recovery struggling. In it I share a very effective way to help get through the first 30 days. It builds on my first book and goes into the idea that recovery needs to be personalized for individuals. The process includes replacing the addict thought process with a recovery thought process. It is how I learned to recover while having to sell my addiction to customers as a part of my job in a convenience store.

Next I took a change of focus and wrote “The humorous Life”. In this book I shared some humor that is part of who I am and worked to share some good clean humor that can be helpful when life gets us down.

Most recently I wrote “The Path To Recovery”. This takes both prior books related to my addiction and recovery combined to provide an effective way to work through recovery.While it is effective for Compulsive Gambling it has also helped with other addictions as well.

In the near future I will be releasing more books related to recovery and keeping in the vein of what I have written in “The 30 Day Detox For Gamblers. I also have a Bible related study to help look at the Bible as alive and living because of how it tells the story of each of us today.

Easy To Say But Hard To Do



“The pain of the past can help you better in the present only if you let it be in the Past.”

Bernard Zeitler

It is hard to ‘Let Go’ of past mistakes because of the constant thoughts about how things ‘might have been’ had they not been made. But until we allow ourselves to accept the present as it is we can’t regain our lives. As long as we hold on to the past it will own our present.

Consider this: Many people from the Bible made mistakes but God still used them. (Saul who became Paul comes to mind).  Immagine what a difference it would have made had he (Saul) not made mistakes or if he had not moved forward after his mistakes.

Think about the good you can do because of your past mistakes rather than hold onto the pain of those mistakes.