New Mexico below average on Gambling Revenue and treatment spending at 39th and 12th.


18,795(1.2%) of adults in New Mexico are believed to presently have signs of a gambling problem. This is according to self-reporting in a recent survey which is most likely a significant under reporting. Most gamblers are not eager to say they have a problem because that would burst the bubble. New Mexico was ranked 36th nationally in gambling revenue2012 with a measly $1.18 billion. That’s right the state is near the bottom and still brings in over a billion in revenues! They are redeemed by a 12th ranking in public funding of gambling treatment spending. It may be a bit of a misnomer though as the national average is 32 cents per capita making a sad statement that 8 cents per capita makes New Mexico look good.  All this with revenues from 10,084 electronic machines, Indian casinos, racetrack casinos, pari-mutual wagering, a state lottery and Charity Gambling.  

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