Nevada first out of the gate with gambling revenue but ranks 3rd outsources some treatment services.


Nevada may have been the first state to open for business but with gambling revenue of $10. 86 billion it still ranks 3rd nationally. The revenue comes from a staggering 178,724 electronic machines, 265 commercial casinos, 3 Indian casinos and charitable gambling.  

An estimated 56,315(2.7%) of the citizens are believed to have a problem with gambling (a likely underestimate because of self-reporting). Nevada also has the dubious distinction of a city nicknamed ‘sin city’ (Las Vegas) because of its gambling and other legalized activities. Even with the long history and notoriety the state spends a 13th ranked 28 cents per capita on helping those with a gambling problem.

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling funds a helpline which is contracted out to Louisiana’s Hotline and by default to the national hotline.  1,088 calls for help were received in 2012 along with outpatient services to 548 gamblers and 58 others. Sadly Nevada also funded 47 people for inpatient treatment.

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