Minnesota Gambling revenues and Treatment Spending Shows promise


Minnesota is the home of an estimated 147,357 (3.6%) suspected compulsive gamblers. The state brings in a 24th ranked revenue of $1.95 billion through its 22,585velectronic machines, 15 Indian casinos, and a state lottery (both traditional and online), racetrack casinos, pari-mutual wagering and charity gambling.

To help compulsive gamblers, Minnesota spends 37 cents per capita ranking 14th nationally. Minnesota also has a Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program (CGTP) under the auspice of DHS. It had a budget of $2.3 million in 2013 specifically for treatment and prevention services, program administration, a dedicated helpline, training, workforce development, public awareness services, counselor certification, and gambling assessment program (to look at connections to felony theft, embezzlement and forgery).

2012 marked the passage of a bill which designated the following appropriations:

  • 0.5 % of charitable gambling revenue to the State Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program.
  • ¬†Another 0.5% of charitable gambling revenue to the state affiliate of the NCPG.

Further information is available through the above link.

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