Louisiana Gambling not highest but treatment services reaches other states.


Louisiana has an estimated 98,601(2.9%) of adults believed to presently have signs of a gambling problem. In 2012 revenue from Gambling was $3.29 billion (19th ranked in the USA). They revenue was from 40,276 electronic machines, Indian Casinos, Commercial Casinos, Race Track Casinos, a traditional lottery, a video lottery, Pari-mutual wagering and Charity Gambling.

Louisiana passed Acts 1014 and 1215 to define how gambling revenue would be spent in 1995. The state spends 54 cents per capita on help for compulsive gamblers which ranks 8th in the USA. In 2013 the funding was $2.5 Million and provided the following services.

  • Program Administration
  • a problem gambling helpline
  • counselor training
  • treatment and prevention services
  • public awareness services
  • media resources
  • supervision resources

These services were administered by the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH). In addition the Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling (LACG) in cooperation with the NPGC, provides services throughout Louisiana as well as working with other states. LACG is one of the largest non-profit affiliates of the NPGC in service scope, staffing and budget ($1,518,840).

The LACG received 1,485 calls from within the state and answered calls for 13 other states as well as Washington D.C. in 2012. 533 people received outpatient treatment in 2012 as well because of the work of this organization.

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