Kentucky Gambling Revenue No Derby Here


Kentucky has an estimated 46,423(1.4%) of adults believed to presently have signs of a gambling problem.  As of last year, no public funding was put into Compulsive Gambling treatment, however a private non-profit organization known as the KCPG (Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling) serves the state. It is not associated with the APGSA but is affiliated with the NCPG.

Kentucky has revenue from a traditional state lottery, Pari-mutual wagering and charity gambling. In 2013 the state’s Lottery Board expanded gambling to include internet lottery and expand into Keno for 2014.  Revenue from these gambling forms for 2012 was $823.55 million (ranked 39th nationally).

Kentucky’s help line operated through River Valley Behavioral Health received 172 calls in 2012. This help line is contracted as a result of the KPGC which also provides training for counselors who would be able to provide services.

The non-profit operated on a $70,100 budget sourced through private donations and fees for educational services they provide.

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