Indiana Gambling and treatment Is balanced financially.


Indiana has an estimated 59,228(1.2%) of adults believed to presently have signs of a gambling problem.  In response it spent 46 cents per capita on services to help problem gamblers which makes it a top ten provider. As a matter of record they are ranked 10th exactly in funding. Because most people who have a problem are unlikely to report it, the estimate is also likely to be low.

Indiana brings in revenue from 21,963 electronic machines, a lottery, 13 casinos, several racetrack casinos, Pari-mutual wagering, and charity gambling. In 2012 that revenue ranked 14th at $3.47 billion.

Services provided include a problem gambling hotline, counselor training, workforce development, treatment and prevention, media resources, gaming compliance and voluntary exclusion.

In 2013 the helpline received 829 calls and outpatient treatment was provided for 475 people. As a recovering Compulsive Gambler, I know that in the majority of cases the person asking for help had reached a point of despair before reaching out.

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