Alaska! Potential Poster Child for Compulsive Gambling?


Alaska tied for fewest reported gaming revenues reported along with Hawaii, Utah, Wyoming, and Alabama.  However, Alaska most likely has the third fewest gambling revenues of any U.S. state behind Hawaii and Utah which has no lottery, casino, or Indian gaming. 

Alaska has no public funding for Compulsive Gambling as of 2013. They are tied with Alabama, Hawaii, Utah and Wyoming in this respect. They are also noted for the 3rd fewest gambling revenue with only two states rating lower. That’s right the only states with fewer revenues are also the only ones that do NOT have any legalized Gambling (Utah and Utah).

Alaska is also noted for having 0nly 2 tribal casinos and a regulated cruise ship gaming industries. The total electronic machine is 90 so it would seem that it would have less of a problem. That being said, it is estimated that 2.2% or 11,892 adults are believed to have signs of a Gambling Problem.

The only service offered officially in Alaska is the National hotline which is handled from Louisiana. Sadly, Alaska most likely has a much larger population of Compulsive Gamblers and the worst of them will not be discovered until the problem has done its damage.

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