Always Start at home! Michigan is #7 for 2012!


Michigan ranked 7th in revenue from gambling in the US for 2012. When you consider that there are an estimated 151,930 adults in the state that are believed to manifest gambling problems it is sad. It is likely that there are far more than this who really have a problem but because it is a self-reporting problem most gamblers would not report it. 

The American Gaming Association reports that Michigan has 7,972 people employed by Casinos. The Gross wages including tips and benefits for them is $366.53 Million and the Gross Revenue of the industry is $1.417 billion. Now if you consider that this is only the casino portion and that these revenues are mostly coming from the people with gambling problems it tells us that there is a problem. What can be done?

Michigan has service programs established through a dedicated help line. This number is 1-800-270-7117. When you call this number you are reaching professionals who do not make any information public. You are asked questions to establish you in the system and when appropriate be provided with contact information for a specially trained counselor. In Michigan the Compulsive Gambler can get 16 sessions with this counselor per year. There are also additional sessions available for spouses which can be used as a couple or individually. Presently there are no dedicated inpatient programs available however some addiction programs are opening up to this.

For those looking to work to understand compulsive gambling or get help there are reading resources available. Other options include Gamblers Anonymous, Reformers Unanimous and other groups available for those seeking help with their recovery.  

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